"We want to scratch another podium"

Carlos Sainz, expectant at the F1 debut at Mugello: "It is a very particular circuit." On the fight for the top-3: "You have to be realistic."


Without time to rest, from the podium at Monza to the premiere at Mugello. Carlos Sainz chatted with the Spanish press before the GP of Tuscany.

-What McLaren plays at Mugello?

-Good question. I've never been and neither has F1. The curves, the asphalt or how it can affect the cars is an uncertainty for everyone. It looks like Suzuka, Silverstone, even Barcelona, but no, it is a very particular circuit, very different from the ones we normally go and I can't say. We will wait one more day ...

-Do you bring any improvement? Can you fight for the top-3 builders?

-There is always time to bring things, what happens is that more races go by. The improvements follow the same deadlines, the problem is that there are more races between the evolutions and perhaps it gives the feeling that they take longer. We bring things to practically all circuits, although they are not always highly visible aerodynamic packages and sometimes even the pilot does not notice the difference. McLaren third team? You are motivating yourself a bit, we are not the third best team, in Monza we had exactly the same car as in Spa and there we were the fourth or fifth. The McLaren was good at Monza, yes, let's see if it is also good at Mugello or on the next circuits.

-Can you fight for more podiums this season?

-These races are good numbers for the team and good feelings. We know that under normal circumstances it is very difficult to have the second fastest car, as we were in Monza, with the Mercedes, Red Bull and Racing Point in front. But we are going to try, we want to scratch some other podium this season although being realistic, we all know that current F1 is much more like Spa and Barcelona than Monza.

-Can you overtake?

-Overtaking is only possible in Turn 1. The rest of the circuit will suffer in dirty air and it will be difficult to follow the car in front. But if you come out of the last corner well and get a good slipstream, open the DRS and use up all your battery, there is still an option.

-The absence of 'party mode', did it affect the race more?

-In qualifying we all stopped extracting the last tenth because of that prohibited mode, but before we also used it to try to overtake in extreme cases, in the race, when you saw that you were stagnant or in the last laps of the race. Unfortunately I didn't have it available and it would have helped me stay closer (to Gasly) .

-The near victory, does it make you arrive more motivated to Mugello?

-A good result always gives you motivation and good feelings. The important thing is that in recent weekends my feelings with the car have improved and there have been good qualifications in Spain, Spa and Mugello. All smooth races, like Spain or Monza, also give me confidence knowing that we are going in the right direction. I am eager and excited, but with my feet on the ground because being second in the race behind Hamilton is very difficult for it to happen again. But if it happens again, you have to be as prepared as possible to take advantage of it again.

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