Vinicius: "At my age, only Raúl and Casillas played more games than I did in Madrid"

The Brazilian reviewed his career in 'Yellow and Green Football': "They are legends. They won many titles and I hope I can do it too. Ramos and Casemiro are my best examples."


Vinicius Junior was the last Brazilian player to be interviewed by the Yellow and Green Football website, a site dedicated to Brazilian footballers who play for different European teams. The Madrid player reviewed his career so far with the journalist Josué Seixas and where he makes it clear that there is no controversy with his coach, Zinedine Zidane, for not having aligned him against Manchester City: “While the game was being played, of course I wanted to go out and help Real Madrid, but I play for the biggest club in the world, where there are many talented players. Our coach has many options to be able to present in a match. It's part of the game. It takes a while, but we can and should understand every choice. ”

The young Brazilian talent explained his feelings at Real Madrid, with which he will begin his third season: “I have a lot of support here. We see that they are concerned about us, the younger players, because we are the present and the future of Real Madrid. At 20, only Casillas and Raúl have played more games than me and here they are legends. They won a lot of titles and I hope I can do it too. Sergio Ramos and Casemiro are my best examples here. I watch them train and I want to do that too. All my colleagues are very focused, but their work ethic pushes me more and more. ”

Vinícius supports the Black Lives Matter movement (he celebrated a goal for Mallorca by putting his right hand to his chest and raising his left fist to the sky), and regularly supports the campaign on social media. He talks about his admiration for other athletes who have spoken. “There is more interest in supporting our cause, with big boys like LeBron James and Lewis Hamilton, my idols, leading it. That moment when the NBA players refused to go out on the court was very strong. It makes people see how much we care. It makes me happy and sad at the same time, because we are in 2020 and we still have to fight racism and other things that are used to divide us. ”

He also showed his desire to play for the Brazilian team again: “I hope to play for the Seleção again. Many of my idols are there. Neymar is my inspiration, so it would be good to wear the Brazilian colors with him. I have been working to be summoned and I hope I can bring happiness to our people. I want to play the next World Cup, which I hope we win. But there are a lot of good players who can be selectable, so I'm focusing on increasing my numbers, having more experience on the field and of course I have to be prepared to give my best life if it happens. ”

Y ended by discussing the criticism he receives: “It was not only against me. Some Brazilian fans have trouble with people's success in other areas of life. Some don't even like Neymar, for example. I was very happy when I saw that many Brazilians wanted him and PSG to win the Champions League. I don't like to think about these bad moments in my career, but I sure hope I can make all Brazilians cheer me on one day. ”

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