Viñales: "Maverick never left, he has always been here"

"The gesture of the finger in the mouth after crossing the finish line was saying it to me since I had to shut up myself when the races did not go as I want," he says.


Statements by Maverick Viñales at the Marco Simoncelli press conference of Misano after his victory in the MotoGP race of the Emilia Romagna GP.

-How do you feel?

-The truth is that victory tastes good to me. Some people doubted me a lot and thought it was a mentality problem, but my mentality is always the same and I have my mind set on winning and I had not found enough confidence to push from the beginning with the bike, but this time we have tried to always be with the setup of the race throughout the weekend, to receive all the possible sensations and see that we could improve in the setting so we have taken two steps forward. I am very satisfied with all the work we have done in the team. 'Pecco' today was very fast, but I was there. I was getting there and I was able to maintain a good tire temperature and a steady race pace. It was difficult to get to Pecco and overtake him, but despite everything he had a great race and we have to continue working along the same lines. Now I am very motivated because I believe a lot in myself and I know exactly what I can achieve with this bike. I am satisfied to be able to show my real potential and to continue fighting for victory.

-Much better today with the mid rear tire, right?

-I felt very bad last week with the bike, but this situation gave us the opportunity to improve and to bring us to the reality of the race moment with the bike, with the setting, and that's why I had difficulties on Friday. We improved a lot for Saturday and also for Sunday, so I am satisfied with the work done by the whole team, but you have to keep your feet on the ground and improve race by race, but I am very happy to be here again.

-Why the finger to the lips after crossing the finish line and how does the criticism affect it?

-I was telling myself since I had to shut up myself when the races don't go the way you want them to, but I always have the mentality of being ahead so when the race doesn't go the way I want I get very frustrated. I was telling myself, to no one else and the truth is that I feel very satisfied and happy, because I have been able to push from the beginning and maintain a very good pace and I think the end of the race for us has been very fast and I have tried to get across the finish line without problems. I felt very strong from lap eight to the end, which is something we have improved a lot on and to which we have to pay a lot of attention in everything we have done this weekend. I felt very good at all times, from the first lap, and I was able to feel where our weak points are with respect to the Ducati and I was able to play our card at the end of the race and it turned out very well for us. That is the most important thing, to feel strong again, to feel again with all the potential we have and very happy to extract the most oil from our motorcycle this weekend.

-What has changed on the bike?

-Maverick never left, it has always been here. We just had to try to get the best out of the bike, especially in the race. We have changed the balance of the bike a lot, especially I felt immediately better when braking as I was able to extract the full potential of the brakes and top speed and I had much more confidence in the front end, which made me feel very well. Yesterday we did a wonderful lap of which I am very proud and today in the race, especially at the beginning, I was able to push very hard to try to escape from the group and that is what sticks in my mind and what makes me so happy .

-How has the motorcycle behaved at the front end with a full tank?

-The difference in the setting has allowed me to go full at the beginning, being able to speed up the braking and also the line, which is very important because on the first lap, after Miller overtook me, I was already losing the race and I didn't want to that the same thing be repeated. That is why I have focused all weekend on braking as late as possible and closing the doors, which is something we do very well. They beat me because I made a mistake, not because I was slow in any sector and that's the most important thing. For the following races I don't know, we are going to try to enjoy this moment and tomorrow we will think about Motnmeló, but for now we will take pressure off ourselves and this victory is very important for the team because now it also increases their confidence.

-Fabio says it is the only way for the Yamaha to win.

-Yes, I agree, because this morning I started in the warm up behind some riders and even if I was faster I couldn't overtake them and then all I did was warm up the brakes and, to be honest, it was difficult to control the pressure of the the tires so for the moment that's our weak point. We have to figure out how to fight it and how to fight when they overtake us and that is why at Montmeló I will ride more with the rest of the riders, especially behind the Ducati to see how I can overtake them on the track.

-Could he have attacked Pecco in the last laps?

-I don't know if I could have caught Pecco, because he was going very fast, especially in T3 and everything he gained in T1 and T2 he lost in T3 so I don't know. But I saw that every time I was getting closer to him little by little and the team was constantly cheering me on, and that meant I was doing well and in the last five laps I pushed more, but there was a more critical moment with the tires and I didn't. I know. Sure I could have shortened the distance but I don't know if enough to beat him.

-Quartararo says he did not receive the penalty notice. Has it ever happened to you too?

-I did not see any message and I think I stepped on the green leaving the curve 11.

-Could it be a psychological victory?

-It is clear that it has been very good to cancel all the doubts about me, because I was not going fast on Sundays. We already know for what it is and we have it clear from the data. I have understood it and I am satisfied with the victory, but I am still on the ground and we know how to work. I want to thank the entire team and that we all understand what we have to do.

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