Viñales and Mir aspire to everything

Spanish motorcycling has taken seven races to debut, but it has done it in a big way, with a triplet, and with Maverick and Joan fully involved in the World Championship.


The MotoGP World Championship continues with the prevailing madness in this 2020, with the sixth different winner in seven races, and with the first three of the championship in one point, but this time the dementia had Spanish protagonism, with a victory for Maverick Viñales in Misano who broke the national drought this year, and with a triplet completed by Joan Mir and Pol Espargaró, which for the first time occurs without the presence of Marc Márquez or Jorge Lorenzo in the drawer. What's more, Márquez has been in 19 of the 21 Spanish triplets, only missing the first, in Japan 2013, and the latter, due to his well-known injury. Winning the podium without the presence of the ilerdense encourages Spanish motorcycling, which has taken seven grands prix to debut, but has done it in a big way.

The Tissot Grand Prix of the Emilia Romagna and the Rimini Riviera, what a name cloth, left this strange World Cup very tight, which it seems that no pilot wants to win, due to the enormous alternation. Andrea Dovizioso, who was leading the second round of Misano, is still in the lead, but his discreet eighth place only allows him to lead his pursuers, Fabio Quartararo and Viñales himself by one point. A little further behind, four points behind, Mir emerges, who has not yet made his debut at the top, but has already added three podiums and has fully entered the fight for the title. That is the other great news of this magical triplet: Viñales and Mir aspire to everything. To the Yamaha it would be worth it to improve his regularity, because to his triumph and his two second places he adds a sixth, a tenth, a fourteenth and a withdrawal. Suzuki's, for its part, has one of the most consistent lines on the grid, with two seconds, a third, a fourth and a fifth. If it weren't for his two retirements, he would now be the leader, with a driving range, in addition, one of those that dazzles the fans. Joan Mir points away.

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