Vildoza dresses up as a hero again to beat Valencia

The Argentine scored the triple winner after a great assist from Pierria Henry who broke a match in which Valencia managed to come back.


The TD Systems Baskonia player Luca Vildoza dressed as a hero again, as he did in the league final against Barça to give the title to his team, and scored the triple of the Barça victory, 76-73, after collecting a pass from his teammate Pierrià Henry and breaking the tie caused by Sam Van Rossom, 8 seconds from the end, on the first day of the Endesa League played at the Fernando Buesa Arena. The Mar del Plata point guard ended the duel as he started it, with a great success from the outside shot, which led him to be the top scorer (21 points) in a game that Baskonia had controlled, for much of the game, as a result of a deployment defensive that broke the schemes of the Valencian staging.

Jaume Ponsarnau's men reacted after the break and, little by little, they took steps to get closer to their rival, but the 22 losses were a great drag despite the fact that both Van Rossom and Mike Tobey grew during the crash to hunt down the Basques. However, in addition to Vildoza, Tonye Jekiri, very solvent in the paint and in the medium distance shot, Pierrià Henry and the exteriors Rokas Giedraitis and Zoran Dragic, appeared at key moments of the match to prevent the Levantines from taking the lead in the match.

The Baskonia surprised Valencia Basket with a pressing defense with two against one that prevented the taronja ball from circulating, although the three-point shot marked the start of a duel in which Luca Vildoza became an offensive reference with three consecutive triples. Those of Jaume Ponsarnau equalized the contest (11-11), but the entry of Pierrià Henry offered more possibilities to the Baskonia quintet that endorsed a 7-0 partial to re-open the gap and place with a 25-16 after the first quarter, after a triple by Rokas Giedraitis on the horn. Barça's aggressiveness and speed did not decrease at the start of the second act and reached the highest income so far, 31-16, which left the Levantines knocked out and without ideas, without response to the defense of two against one in the low post . But the talent of the Balkans Klemen Prepelic and Nikola Kalinic gave hope to Valencia Basket, which was hooked on the game from the 6.75 line, 44-35.

The taronjas tried to match the physical waste of Baskonia after passing through the dressing rooms, but they found a successful Zoran Dragic, who maintained the advantage of his team with 7 consecutive points. But those of Ponsarnau raised the defensive level again and put the Vitorians in trouble, who saw the score equalize with five consecutive points, making it 58-54. The locals did not come out of their lethargy, they found no response and the stake entered the last round with a 58-55, after a 0-10 partial in favor of the Valencianists, who again saw possibilities to overcome the champion despite a hesitant start.

Dusko Ivanovic chose to play with two bases on the court and the Argentine Luca Vildoza, without prominence after the break, opened the room with a triple, which gave oxygen to the Baskonistas. Valencia tried through Mike Tobey, but the Barça guards led a looser Baskonia in attack, not without problems to contain the rival inside game. Each possession was gold for both of them, but the advantage, although decreasing, continued to be for the Alava team, which could not convert the three balls they recovered into as many possessions for the visitors, although four free throws by Tonye Jekiri clarified the end of the showdown. But Baskonia did not sentence later and the Belgian San Van Rossom, with another four shots from 4.60, put the tie at 73 with 8 seconds, but Luca Vildoza did not miss from the triple and gave the victory to the Baskonistas, 76- 73.

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