Valencia Basket launches its record of victories

The taronja signed the first victory of the course against MoraBanc Andorra. Great game for Tyson Pérez (18 points and 9 rebounds).


Valencia Basket signed the first victory of the course against a combative Morabanc Andorra, who had in the figure of Tyson Pérez (18 points, 9 rebounds) the most outstanding player of the match. However, those of Jaume Ponsarnau, with a great choral performance and a step in front of the new ones, especially Hermannsson in the first act, and Prepelic and Kalinic in the second, sealed the first win of the season after the defeat. at the premiere in front of Baskonia. While the Andorrans, who beat UCAM Murcia, suffer their first defeat.

Tyson Pérez started the game looking physical and shot in front of a full two from the draft like Derrick Williams. And Martin Hermannsson, handyman. The Icelander scored seven of the Taronja's first 14 points, in a quintet full of news. The locals imposed a partial 11-0 to dig the first ditch on the scoreboard (17-10), forcing Ibon Navarro to stop the match. In the resumption, Prepelic appeared, located in a second unit next to names like Dubljevic, San Emeterio or Van Rossom. Little 'B' side. Everything was rolling for Valencia Basket, which closed the quarter with a circus shot from the Montenegrin on his knees from the ground.

But MoraBanc took another step at the beginning of the second quarter. Hand in hand with the Dominican power forward (9 points and 7 rebounds, 5 in attack), they executed an aggressive defense that was reflected on the scoreboard, getting the first advantage (32-33). Next to him were shooters Hannah and Palson to open the gap with a 2-11 run. However, Hermannsson, in his own way, with two consecutive baskets, led Valencia Basket to emerge successfully from the Andorran pressure by winning in the first act (39-36) .

The Icelander are not just points, and he found in Mike Tobey a partner to find in the paint and with whom to play the pick-and-roll. Only an energetic Malik Dime was able to stop the American center. But Morabanc continued on its upward trend, with Senglin and Paulí joining the reaction. However, the proper name was that of Tyson Pérez, who tied the match with his third triple of the match (44-44) and from the line (48-48). From there the triple festival began with Tobey, Sastre, Senglin, Sergi García, Labeyrie and Jelinek as protagonists. Kalinic, for his part, began to produce from the line, being one of the most prominent of the second act. Despite their efforts, the Andorrans were unable to materialize their feelings of superiority on the scoreboard.

The last minutes predicted a battle in an empty Fonteta. Three points difference (66-63) with everything to decide. Tell me, with two protruding blocks throughout the game, he opened fire from the line. San Emeterio responded with fundamentals for Valencia Basket. With the game hot, the Santander player had experience and took on gallons. Prepelic, out of three, generated the first significant advantage (73-66). With nine difference, Ibón Navarro stopped the game six from the end in search of answers. On the return to the track, with the Slovenian plugged in (13 points), Prepelic found Van Rossom in the corner to put 12 away (81-66) and the Basque ended up expelled by second technique. Despite the fact that he had still left, only Tyson Pérez seemed to dream of a reaction that Ponsarnau's men knew how to control.

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