Tomic leads the premiere with a victory for Joventut

Carles Durán's men beat Unicaja (81-73) led by the Croatian's 17 points in his debut with the green and black. Abromaitis premiered in Malaga.


Joventut made their debut in the Endesa League with a valuable victory at the Palau Olimpic in Badalona against Unicaja (81-73) in a clash with too many ups and downs on both sides, but in which the dominance of Penya in the rebound (47 with 16 offenses to 24 from Unicaja) was key in the second half.

The green-black, with a devastating interior triangle with Ante Tomic (17 points and 7 rebounds), Simon Birgander (13 + 7) and Vladimir Brodziansky (14 + 6), supported by point guard Ferran Bassas (9 sacks) were the dominators of the crash , also shining the young Joel Parra (11 points) .

This block game gave Unicaja no option in the second half. The fouls of Francis Alonso and Deon Thomas, the best in the first half, caused them to disappear in the second. Only Axel Bouteille (15 points) and Gal Mekel (7 points and 7 assists) held up well. In addition to the rebound, seven turnovers and 0 for 6 on 3s were too heavy a drag.

The atypical season that the Endesa League is experiencing in these early days is being noticed in all the teams. Ups and downs in the game of each other, loneliness in the pavilions and more if one is as immense as the Olímpic de Badalona, with a frigid atmosphere.

This makes it difficult to enter the game and Unicaja took advantage of the good initial moment of Deon Thompson and the returned Francis Alonso to go up (5-7, min. 4) after coming back from an initial 0-5. The Badaloneses did not warm up and Gal Mekel's hand, distributing assists, came a clear 9-20 (min. 8) that forced Carles Durán to stop the game.

Only actions of Ante Tomic and Simon Birgander cut at the end of the first quarter (17-22), but Joventut was denied in the triple (0 of 5) and only their dominance of the rebound allowed them not to have a worse balance.

Things turned at the start of the second quarter with good play from Birgander, Shawn Dawson and Joel Parra. Precisely a triple of his (the first of nine attempts by Penya) and a 2 + 1 by Brodziansky advanced the Catalans (27-25, min. 14) .

Luis Casimiro's men focused on defense and through the French Axel Bouteille, Alonso and Thompson regained command of the crash (35-39, m.20). Only a basket to the limit of Xabi López-Arostegui allowed Joventut to cut back at halftime (37-39) .

Unicaja did not recover well at the beginning of the third quarter and a triple by Parra and interior actions by Tomic placed a reliever 47-42 (min. 15). The Malacitanos had only achieved three points in five minutes.

In addition, the fouls conditioned Unicaja's game, but Mekel's return to court and Tim Abomaitis's awakening, with five points in a row, balanced the clash (47-47, min. 27). And, again, a gap in the typesetting attack by Dimitrijevic, Birgander and a triple by Albert Ventura opened the gap to the maximum advantage from Badalona until that moment (56-49, min. 29) .

With 58-51 the last quarter opened and Unicaja had to improve because only 12 points and 6 losses in the third put them in a difficult situation that quickly worsened in a single minute when Birgander placed 63-51 in just one minute ( 5-0) .

Desperate time for Luis Casimiro who asked his men to close the rebound (13 offenses achieved by Penya) and focus on attack. But Joventut was still right (69-55, min. 34) although Darío Brizuela and Voloddymir Gerun made their team react (71-67, min. 38) after a partial of 2-12.

Duran was asking for time to order his attack and more inside play. This gave him a break (75-69, min. 39), Unicaja did not react correctly and Vladimir Brodziansky materially secured the Badalonese victory with a triple (78-71) with 37 seconds to go.

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