This is how the Tour's record remains after Pogacar's victory

Tadej Pogacar conquered the 107th edition of the Tour de France, being the first Slovenian to do so. His compatriot Roglic and Australian Porte complete the podium.

Tadej Pogacar is already history. The Slovenian, only 21 years old, becomes the first runner in his country to finish at the top of the podium in Paris and does so accompanied by his compatriot Roglic, 30, second. Both were the great dominators of the race. It was the penultimate day, Saturday, when Pogacar turned the Tour de France upside down by winning the Le Planche des Belles Filles time trial. In addition, he also conquers the Mountain, the jersey for the best youngster and three stages. The podium is closed by the Australian Richie Porte who, at 35 years old, climbs for the first time in one of the drawers on the Champs Elysees.

In this way, Pogacar takes over from Egan Bernal, who won him last year at the age of 22. He could not defend the title in this edition and abandoned the race due to physical problems. The last Spanish representative on the podium was Alejandro Valverde, in 2015 (3rd). Since then, Mikel Landa, fourth on two occasions (2017 and 2020, is the one who has been closest. In this edition, Enric Mas also had a good race with fifth place overall. The last time the Spanish anthem sounded in Paris was in 2009 with Alberto Contador.

All Tour de France winners before Tadej PogacarYEAR FIRST SECOND THIRD 2019E. Bernal (COL) G. Thomas (GBR) S. Kruijswijk (HOL) 2018G. Thomas (GBR) T. Dumoulin (BEL) C. Froome (GBR) 2017C. Froome (GBR) R. Urán (COL) R. Bardet (FRA) 2016C. Froome (GBR) Romain Bardet (FRA) N. Quintana (COL) 2015C. Froome (GBR) No. Quintana (COL) Alejandro Valverde (ESP) 2014 V. Nibali (ITA) JC Peraud (FRA) T. Pinot (FRA) 2013C. Froome (GBR) No. Quintana (COL) J. Rodríguez (ESP) 2012B. Wiggins (GBR) C. Froome (GBR) V. Nibali (ITA) 2011C. Evans (AUS) A. Schleck (LUX) F. Schleck (LUX) 2010A. Schleck (LUX) D. Menchov (RUS) S. Sánchez (ESP) 2009 Alberto Contador (ESP) A. Schleck (LUX) B. Wiggins (GBR) 2008C. Tailor (ESP) C. Evans (AUS) D. Menchov (RUS) 2007 Alberto Contador (ESP) C. Evans (AUS) L. Leipheimer (USA) 2006O. Pereiro (ESP) A. Klöden (ALE) C. Tailor (ESP) 2005 Declared void * I. Basso (ITA) F. Mancebo (ESP) 2004 Declared deserted * A. Klöden (ALE) I. Basso (ITA) 2003 Declared void * J. Ullrich (ALE) A. Vinokourov (AZE) 2002 Declared deserted * J. Beloki (ESP) R. Rumsas (LIT) 2001 Declared void * J. Ullrich (ALE) J. Beloki (ESP) 2000 Declared void * J. Ullrich (ALE) J. Beloki (ESP) 1999 Declared void * A. Zülle (SUI) F. Escartín (ESP) 1998M. Pantani (ITA) J. Ullrich (ALE) B. Julich (USA) 1997J. Ullrich (ALE) R. Virenque (FRA) M. Pantani (ITA) 1996B. Riis (SUI) J. Ullrich (ALE) R. Virenque (FRA) 1995M. Indurain (ESP) A. Zülle (SUI) B. Riis (SUI) 1994M. Indurain (ESP) P. Ugrumov (LET) M. Pantani (ITA) 1993M. Indurain (ESP) T. Rominger (SUI) Z. Jaskkula (POL) 1992M. Indurain (ESP) C. Chiapucci (ITA) G. Bugno (ITA) 1991M. Indurain (ESP) G. Bugno (ITA) C. Chiappucci (ITA) 1990G. Lemond (USA) C. Chiappucci (ITA) E. Breukink (HOL) 1989G. Lemond (USA) L. Fignon (FRA) P. Delgado (ESP) 1988P. Delgado (ESP) S. Rooks (HOL) F. Parra (COL) 1987S. Roche (IRL) P. Delgado (ESP) JF Bernard (FRA) 1986G. Lemond (USA) B. Hinault (FRA) U. Zimmermann (SUI) 1985B. Hinault (FRA) G. Lemond (USA) S. Roche (IRL) 1984L. Fignon (FRA) B. Hinault (FRA) G. Lemond (USA) 1983L. Fignon (FRA) A. Arroyo (ESP) P. Winnen (HOL) 1982B. Hinault (FRA) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) J. Van der Velde (HOL) 1981B. Hinault (FRA) L. Van Impe (BEL) R. Alban (FRA) 1980J. Zoetemelk (HOL) H. Kuiper (HOL) R. Martin (FRA) 1979B. Hinault (FRA) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) J. Agostinho (POR) 1978B. Hinault (FRA) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) J. Agostinho (POR) 1977B. Thévenet (FRA) H. Kuiper (HOL) L. Van Impe (BEL) 1976L. Van Impe (BEL) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1975B. Thévenet (FRA) E. Merckx (BEL) L. Van Impe (BEL) 1974E. Merckx (BEL) R. Poulidor (FRA) V. López Carril (ESP) 1973L. Ocaña (ESP) B. Thévenet (FRA) JM Fuente (ESP) 1972E. Merckx (BEL) F. Gimondi (ITA) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1971E. Merckx (BEL) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) L. Van Impe (BEL) 1970E. Merckx (BEL) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) G. Petterson (SUE) 1969E. Merckx (BEL) R. Pingeon (FRA) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1968J. Janssen (HOL) H. Van Springel (BEL) F. Bracke (BEL) 1967R. Pingeon (FRA) J. Jiménez (ESP) F. Balmamion (ITA) 1966L. Aimar (FRA) J. Janssen (HOL) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1965F. Gimondi (ITA) R. Poulidor (FRA) G. Motta (ITA) 1964J. Anquetil (FRA) R. Poulidor (FRA) FM Bahamontes (ESP) 1963J. Anquetil (FRA) FM Bahamontes (ESP) J. Pérez-Francés (ESP) 1962J. Anquetil (FRA) J. Planckaert (BEL) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1961J. Anquetil (FRA) G. Carlesi (ITA) Ch. Gaul (LUX) 1960G. Nencini (ITA) G. Battistini (ITA) J. Adriaensens (BEL) 1959F. M. Bahamontes (ESP) H. Anglade (FRA) J. Anquetil (FRA) 1958Ch. Gaul (LUX) V. Favero (ITA) R. Geminiani (FRA) 1957J. Anquetil (FRA) M. Janssens (BEL) A. Christian (AUT) 1956R. Walkowiak (FRA) G. Bauvin (FRA) J. Adriaensens (BEL) 1955L. Bobet (FRA) J. Brankart (BEL) Ch. Gaul (LUX) 1954L. Bobet (FRA) F. Kübler (SUI) F. Schaer (SUI) 1953L. Bobet (FRA) J. Malléjac (FRA) G. Astrua (ITA) 1952F. Coppi (ITA) S. Ockers (BEL) B. Ruiz (ESP) 1951H. Koblet (SUI) R. Geminiani (FRA) L. Lazaridès (FRA) 1950F. Kübler (SUI) S. Ockers (BEL) L. Bobet (FRA) 1949F. Coppi (ITA) G. Bartali (ITA) J. Marinelli (FRA) 1948G. Bartali (ITA) B. Schotte (BEL) G. Lapébie (FRA) 1947J. Robic (FRA) E. Fachleitner (FRA) P. Brambilla (ITA) 1939S. Maes (BEL) R. Vietto (FRA) L. Vlaemynck (BEL) 1938G. Bartali (ITA) F. Vervaecke (BEL) V. Cosson (FRA) 1937R. Lapébie (FRA) M. Vicini (ITA) L. Amberg (SUI) 1936S. Maes (BEL) A. Magne (FRA) F. Vervaecke (BEL) 1935R. Maes (BEL) A. Morelli (ITA) F. Vervaecke (BEL) 1934A. Magne (FRA) G. Martano (ITA) R. Lapébie (FRA) 1933G. Speicher (FRA) L. War (ITA) G. Martano (ITA) 1932A. Leducq (FRA) K. Stoepel (ALE) F. Camusso (ITA) 1931A. Magne (FRA) J. Demuysere (BEL) A. Pesenti (ITA) 1930A. Leducq (FRA) L. War (ITA) A. Magne (FRA) 1929M. De Waele (BEL) G. Pancera (ITA) J. Demuysere (BEL) 1928N. Frantz (LUX) A. Leducq (FRA) M. De Waele (BEL) 1927N. Frantz (LUX) M. De Waele (BEL) J. Vervaecke (BEL) 1926L. Buysse (BEL) N. Frantz (LUX) B. Aymo (ITA) 1925O. Bottecchia (ITA) L. Buysse (BEL) B. Aymo (ITA) 1924O. Bottecchia (ITA) N. Frantz (LUX) L. Buysse (BEL) 1923H. Péllisier (FRA) O. Bottecchia (ITA) R. Bellneger (FRA) 1922F. Lambot (BEL) J. Alavoine (FRA) F. Sellier (BEL) 1921L. Scieur (BEL) H. Heusghem (BEL) H. Barthélémy (FRA) 1920P. Thijs (BEL) H. Heusghem (BEL) F. LambotBEL) 1919F. Lambot (BEL) J. Alavoine (FRA) E. Christophe (FRA) 1914P. Thijs (BEL) H. Pélissier (FRA) J. Alavoine (FRA) 1913P. Thijs (BEL) G. Garrigou (FRA) M. Buysse (BEL) 1912O. Defraye (BEL) E. Christophe (FRA) G. Garrigou (FRA) 1911G. Garrigou (FRA) P. Duboc (FRA) E. Georget (FRA) 1910O. Lapize (FRA) F. Faber (LUX) G. Garrigou (FRA) 1909F. Faber (LUX) G. Garrigou (FRA) J. Alavoine (FRA) 1908L. Petit-Breton (FRA) F. Faber (LUX) G. Passerieu (FRA) 1907L. Petit-Breton (FRA) G. Garrigou (FRA) E. Georget (FRA) 1906R. Pottier (FRA) G. Passerieu (FRA) L. Trousselier (FRA) 1905L. Trousselier (FRA) H. Aucouturier (FRA) JB Dortignacq (FRA) 1904H. Cornet (FRA) JB Dortignacq (ITA) P- Jousselin (ITA) 1903M. Garin (FRA) L. Pothier (FRA) F. Augereau (FRA) "The UCI confirmed the USADA's request to strip Lance Armstrong of his post-1998 titles.

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