Thiem: "I wish there could be two winners, we both deserved it"

The Austrian had warm words after he was proclaimed champion for Zverev, who burst into tears in his farewell speech: "You will win this tournament one day, one hundred percent for sure."


Exhausted both on the cement of the Arthur Ashe after a US Open final for history, which was decided in the tie-break of the fifth set for the first time in the Open Era, Dominic Thiem, the champion, and Sascha Zverev, the defeated , they exchanged emotional speeches.

Emotions were on the surface after more than four hours of the game in which the balance could fall on either side. "It has been a very tough fight. Hopefully one day I can lift the trophy here. It is the first of many for you (to Thiem)," Zverev started before breaking into tears: "I want to thank my parents for a lifetime in the who have been watching out for me. I miss them. This is hard. I hope I can bring them this trophy one day, "he managed to say between sobs.

The Austrian picked up the glove. "I too would like to start with you Sascha. We met in 2014 and we formed a great friendship and a great rivalry. I wish there could be two winners today, we both really deserve it. I tell you the same thing, you will win this title, one hundred percent sure, and you will make yours proud, "he replied.

With his first big under his arm, Thiem wanted to thank "the effort and attention" of the organizers. Especially in a year complicated by the coronavirus pandemic and the measures that it has forced to adopt, including the absence of public in the stands, which in a certain way spoiled a beautiful final: "We have felt super safe in the bubble, the hotel ... It has been a great job. Hopefully the US Open 2021 will be one with full stands. " "You are incredible," he assured. "Greetings to the people in Austria and to my family, I love you very much. I can't wait to see you," he concluded.

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