Thiago already breaks Premier League records with Liverpool

The Spanish midfielder played the entire second half and completed 75 passes, the best mark in the Premier in 45 minutes since this statistic is recorded.


Arrive and kiss the saint. That Thiago fit into Jurgen Klopp's scheme is no surprise. That after 45 minutes he looks like a veteran wearing the elastic 'net', yes. And, the Spanish midfielder made Liverpool's engine room his own as soon as he jumped onto the pitch after the break (he replaced Jordan Henderson). With 0-0 on the scoreboard, the 29-year-old international brought freshness to the Merseyside team and completed 75 passes in just half a game, the best mark in the history of the Premier League since the 2003-04 season began. count this statistic.

Thiago's record, once published by 'Opta' on Twitter, did not fall on deaf ears for the Liverpool fans, who began to boast of the signing of their new star. "What a player!", "Scares what remains to come" or "is already the best passer in the league" were some of the comments that accompanied the publication. In fact, the former Bayern player completed more passes in 45 minutes than any Chelsea player in 90. A record-breaking debut.

Klopp has always confessed himself as an admirer of Thiago's game, since his time as Borussia Dortmund coach, and has been the great supporter of his signing. The arrival of the '6', in addition, adds a different role to the team's midfield, with players much more physical and less fine than the Hispanic-Brazilian (Henderson, Fabinho, Keita, Wijnaldum ...).

However, performances like the one he gave away this Sunday in the victory against Chelsea should not be surprising, since his average of passes with Bayern in the last four years was 82 per game, with a 91 percent accuracy. Numbers, yes, exceeded in his first contact with his new team.

A single mole

Although the performance had a mole, the penalty committed in the 72nd minute that could change the fate of the match. However, there was no room for negativity and Alisson stopped Jorginho from the maximum penalty (the first to fail as a 'blue' player) to give Thiago a placid premiere in which only flattery had room. Jurgen Klopp summed up his game as follows: "He was top. He had great timing, I must say. He is still not used to our way of thinking, Bayern played differently from us. Defensively it was a bit complicated, but with the ball. ... he wants to move her. " And boy did he move it.

Good news for Liverpool who, after a hesitant start to the season, hit the table at Stamford Bridge thanks to Mané's double, Kepa's mistake and the great performance of the new head of the engine room 'red'. His arrival and that of Diogo Jota show that the Premier League champion does not want to rest on the laurels of victories and aspires to continue the legacy created in recent years.

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