They denounce Suárez's test: "He doesn't know a word, you tell me the note I have to put, and that's it."

The Guardia di Finanza and the Perugia Prosecutor's Office carried out an investigation to show that the candidates were aware of the questions before the test.


Surprise in Perugia: the Guardia di Finanza detected some irregularities in Luis Suárez's Italian exam, which the Uruguayan passed last Thursday and is investigating. The player would have known the questions before the test, "obtaining Italian citizenship with a scam", according to the newspaper 'La Repubblica'.

And in the midst of the controversy, the Italian press begins to publish the details of the investigation, the wiretaps that the Guardia di Finanza (financial police) and the Perugia Prosecutor's Office carried out on the Italian exam of the still gamer have come to light from Barcelona at the University for Foreigners of Perugia. Among the sentences, as published by 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', it reads: "It should not, but it will approve because a salary of 10 million per season cannot be lost because it does not have the B1", "it does not know how to conjugate verbs, it speaks with infinity ", and" we have made it right, you are memorizing part of the exam. " There are also more serious statements: "If they suspend him, they will attack us", "but how are we going to suspend him!", "My fear is that the journalists will ask him two questions and he will collapse" .

One of those investigated was also blunt about the Pistolero's knowledge of the Italian language: "He cannot pronounce a word." The directors of the University would have been aware of the situation: "You tell me the note that I have to put, and that's it," the report reads. That was the answer: "Put all 3, total, I spoke with the rector yesterday. That is the line" .

A note agreed in advance

The investigation was carried out by the Perugia prosecutor's office and the Guardia di Finanza military, who are obtaining documentation from the university and sending various investigation notifications. A statement from the prosecution stated that "the investigation showed that the arguments of the tests were previously agreed with the candidate and that his grade was already assigned before the development of the same", that "despite having checked during the distance classes a basic knowledge of the Italian language ".

The investigation had begun in February due to several events that occurred at the University for Foreigners of Perugia and in recent days several media were questioning themselves about Suárez's lightning trip, whose examination lasted less than half an hour. The 'Corriere della Sera' wondered two days ago "how nice it would be to talk with the teachers who examined the Uruguayan", since "they found a genius capable of passing in such a short time a test that normally lasts two hours."

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