They compare LeBron to Pippen instead of Jordan and he responds

The conversation between fans and analysts about the future of Antetokounmpo ran into an irascible James on Wade's account.


The future of Giannis Antetokounmpo, a free agent in 2021, is a recurring topic of conversation. Renewal with the Bucks, jump to another team like Raptors, Warriors, Sixers or Mavericks? There is much speculation about the future of the Greek forward, still with a contract with Milwaukee. The future of the player is linked to that of the team and the 2020 Playoffs are going uphill very soon for Wisconsin, as they will have to overcome a disadvantage against Miami as they already did against Orlando.

It is at this point that the figure of an MVP has been widely debated on social networks, as it is, it continues to be and it will be another year when the 2019/20 award is confirmed, the need for a second and a third player to achieve a championship and the role of all of them in running a successful team in the NBA. So far Giannis has excelled individually but his Bucks continue to struggle in decisive games. At the risk that in the remainder of the postseason Anteto swerves and manages to straighten the course of the ship and proclaim himself champion in the Disney World bubble, the conversation has been raised right now.

Richard Jefferson, NBA champion with LeBron James' Cavaliers, was the one who dropped the bomb: "Maybe Giannis is a Pippen ... Hala, I already said it. I think he's the one who needs a Jordan." Scottie Pippen himself answered him, diverting the conversation somewhat to Jefferson: "I'm not Giannis, I haven't won consecutive MVPs like he's going to do in a few days. But he's not someone like me either. The question is who are you? As a player". The comparison with the Bulls of the 90 is always recurrent because of how clear were the roles of Michael Jordan as a star magna and Scottie Pippen as a luxury squire. What is being discussed is whether or not Antetokounmpo is the great reference for a project that fights for the Ring.

Jay Williams, ex-player and now television analyst, got in the way by setting another example: the 2010 Heat. "LeBron was already Pippen once with D-Wade. There's nothing wrong with being Pippen if you get over the hurdle." said. Williams refers to the four-year stint in Miami in which James teamed up with Wade, already the star of that team, and Bosh to form a super-team with which they won two titles. LeBron James's own response has not been long in coming: "Explain to me what the hell I have to do with what you tell me. I'm preparing myself mentally ... Oh, and besides, shit! I've never been anyone other than myself same ".

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