"When there is sport on television we forget reality for a while"

Guillermo Giménez is the voice of the NBA in Movistar +. The journalist talks to AS about how he is facing an unusual season in uncertain times.


The NBA was one of the first sports competitions to be postponed as a result of the increase in coronavirus cases. After six months, the league is in the middle of the playoffs and Movistar + is the official channel on which you can follow the games in Spain. Guillermo Giménez is the voice of the NBA in payment. The journalist has 15 years of experience in front of the microphone. Giménez talks with AS about the restart of the league, the stories after the break and how the 'new normal' is lived.

After months without narrating a match, the first one was different for Guille Giménez: "I really wanted to narrate it but I was even a little tense and nervous, which I never get nervous because this has been my day to day for 15 years. But I did not know how we were going to find everything. When you go so long without narrating a game you feel that your brain is slow, depressed, depressed and you do not know how you are going to respond ".

“Now the NBA doesn't send us any games, all of them are paid. In the regular season they limit us, you can buy one a week, but now in the playoff we can buy everything we want. That is why we give all the conference semifinals, finals and final ", Giménez details regarding the programming and coverage of the playoffs in Movistar + .

Still, there was a day when the NBA suddenly came to a standstill again, this time in protest at the events involving Jacob Blake. Guillermo Giménez remembers the day he announced the stoppage of the day: “I've had a difficult year because the death of Kobe Bryant also hit me suddenly. And now I also had to go on set to tell that there were no games. It was a frustrating and depressing moment for me, if the world were moderately well these things would not happen. Players would not have to stand or take these poses. At first I understood it perfectly but then the great voices like those of Obama, Jordan ... have done their job. This is a multi-billion dollar business with an organization of a bunch of people making little money and having to get paid to make ends meet. The NBA is not just a group of billionaire players, it is the one who carries the water, the one who holds the mike at press conferences, the utility man… Everyone needs to work to eat. They have made a lot of noise, that we have to do it, because what is happening with this issue of police violence towards African Americans is something unpresentable, but the show has to continue ”.

Regarding the playoff phase and the continuation of the games, Giménez highlights: “The playoffs are being quite spectacular and it is very important that there be sport. Everything looks like the Western Conference, the two teams from Los Angeles, are the favorites. It looks like their conference semifinals can be solved without too much trouble and face life or death in the conference final, that would be almost an early final between the Lakers and the Clippers. And then in the Eastern Conference anything can happen, it is impossible to make a prediction because in the first two games there were surprises. Boston beat Toronto very easily and Miami beat Milwaukee. I see series in the East that are very competitive now in the semifinals and I think we are going to go to seven games in some of them ", and he adds:" When there is sport on television we forget for a while about reality, about the disaster that is out there ".

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