The tactics of Ineos and the lack of attacks in the Tour

It is true that they do not go up slowly, that they go very fast, that perhaps it was not the time for the first swords ... But should no one try it and that they arrive 25 among the favorites?


The stage, in my opinion, has once again been disappointing. There has been a great dispute for the stage with the triumph of a great rider like Lutsenko and a Herrada who has fought to the end. So fast were the escapees that the group has not cut anything in the final ports. And it is that behind, except for Aru, no one has moved. I see that there are many criticisms of the lack of movements and cyclists who get upset and argue that it goes a thousand an hour and cannot be attacked. They are opinions that must be respected. But the fact that the getaway ended up taking time out of a group of favorites in which there were 25 or 30 riders in ports with tough sections like those of today seems to me a sign that someone could have done more.

It is clear that there are two teams that seem above the rest and they set the pace. Today it was the turn of Ineos, who seems to have taken a defensive stance aware that it seems that Bernal is not at his best and hopes that as the days go by, he will catch his point of form. That is why I think that the Jumbo was wrong and could have tried to put his rival in trouble. I'm not talking about a Roglic attack, but perhaps a Kuss or Bennett could have tried to provoke a more uncomfortable rhythm for the Colombian. And it is true that this has just begun, that there is a lot of Tour left, but opportunities cannot be missed when they present themselves. Let's hope that in the Pyrenees we will see more things, less I think is impossible.

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