The suffering of De la Cruz with a fissure in the sacrum

The Catalan fell on the opening day of the Tour and since then has suffered a painful injury: "There is nothing left but to grit your teeth and continue."


David de la Cruz fell on the opening day of the Tour, like so many others, but he has suffered an injury since then: "The terrain was very slippery. It looked like ice. I hit quite hard in the sacrum area, it bothered me a lot and it was hard for me to finish the day. When I reached the finish line, the doctors decided to do more tests, so we went to the hospital for an MRI. They confirmed that I have a small fracture in the sacrum. It is painful, but I will try to improve little by little. little ".

Andrea Agostini, director of operations of the UAE, explains that they expect "a lot from David": "Nothing can be done for his recovery, it is a matter of time, that the fissure heals and that he passes each stage in the best way , even if it means a little more suffering. In principle we trust that he is well again for the second block, and that in the third week he will become a key man to help Tadej Pogacar or Fabio Aru on the mountain and also seek your opportunities ".

Accompanied in Nice by his family and his fan club (they wore masks with the 'We are De la X' logo, but without contact or access to the bubble), the cries of support "lifted his spirits". Except on the first day, with the peloton idling, he gave way and suffered a lot in the other three days of this Tour: "There is nothing left but to grit your teeth and push forward. Sometimes things are that difficult in this sport" .

The Catalan returns to the gala round in his first season with the UAE, after belonging to Quick Step and Sky. His previous contest, in 2014 with NetApp, ended in abandonment due to a broken clavicle: "I hope the shifts change, I was very excited about returning to the Tour." Seventh in the 2016 Vuelta a España, with victory in the ascent to Naranco (his best great round to date), he has not raised his arms since his second consecutive triumph on the Paseo de los Ingleses, in Paris-Nice in 2018: "Curiously, a city always brought me good memories, at this start of the Tour it has made the subject very complicated for everything that remains ahead.

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