The Strava data: Caruso, Ten Dam and Bardet rule in Menté, Balès and Peyresourde

Big names in the peloton have the best time on Strava of the Pyrenean climbs this Saturday in the Tour, which is also frequented by many cyclists.


The Tour de France arrives this Saturday in the Pyrenees with a great mountain day that will not end high but in which cyclists will have to face three colossi of the Pyrenees that many of them have already climbed on more than one occasion.

The first major climb will be the Col de Menté, a first-class port with 10.93 kilometers at 6% (the Tour only counts the last 6.9 kilometers at 8.1%) that culminates at a height of 1,344 meters with a drop 709 meters. More than 7,226 athletes have registered their climb on Strava for a total of 11,283 attempts completed at an average of 1:00:59 with a speed of 11.32 km / h, data that goes down if we talk about records of professionals, who have completed the climb in 36:18 at 19.92 km / h. The KOM of Col de Menté has been held by Damiano Caruso since July 24, 2018 with 29:07 at 22.5 km / h, while the QOM belongs to the Swiss triathlete Emma Bilham since September 5, 2018 with 39: 54. It takes 7 uploads in the last 90 days to be a Local Legend of Col de Menté on Strava.

Then the great difficulty of the day will come, the Port de Balès, Hors Categorie port with 11.56 kilometers at 8% (the total ascent is 19.3 kilometers) that will crown at 1,752 meters with a drop of 905 meters. 8: 227 athletes have completed 13,001 attempts in Balès at an average of 1:09:51 with a speed of 10.36 km / h, while the average of the professionals have climbed it in 43:33 to 15.83 km / h. Laurens Ten Dam has had the KOM since July 22, 2014 with a record of 33:23 at 20.8 km / h, while the Swiss triathlete Emma Bilham has the QOM with a record of 44:45. To be a Local Legend in Port de Balès, 6 ascents are needed in the last 90 days.

The last peak of the day is Col de Peyresourde, a first-class port with its 9.69 kilometers at 7% that will crown at 1,555 meters after overcoming a difference in altitude of 716 meters. 21,467 attempts registered in Strava this Pyrenean port that have dared to ascend 16,489 people, at an average of 57:27 and a speed of 10.57 km / h, while the professionals have ascended it in 34:05 to 18.17 km / h. Romain Bardet has had the KOM since July 13, 2017 (the day he won in Peyragudes) with a time of 26:44 at an average of 21.8 km / h, while Hannah Rhodes has had the QOM since August 23 of 2018 with a time of 39:13. To be a Local Legend in Peyresourde you have to complete 9 climbs in the last 90 days.

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