The Strava data: the 13th stage was designed with the social network

The peloton will roll through numerous peaks of the Massif Central in a stage designed largely thanks to the data and segments published on the social network.


The Tour de France peloton heads to the Massif Central this Friday in a stage full of climbs and steep slopes that will conclude at the top of Puy Mary, in Pas de Peyrol. A stage in which the social network Strava has played a very important role since from the social network they have commented to this newspaper that Thierry Gouvenou, designer of the Tour stages, has used Strava and its different tools such as heatmaps, the creator routes and application segments to design the route of this thirteenth stage of the Tour.

The first climb of the day will be the Col de Ceyssat, with 8.32 kilometers at 6% that will crown at 1,080 meters of altitude after overcoming 533 meters of unevenness. 1,580 athletes have dared to climb on Strava for a total of 4,381 attempts in an average time of 38:14 and an average speed of 13.59 kilometers, which in professionals drops to 27:48 at an average of 18.44 km / h. Rigoberto Urán has the KOM since last August 10 with a time of 22:05 to 22.6 km / h while Liese Callens has the QOM since this Thursday with a time of 30:25. It takes 15 efforts in the last 90 days to become a Local Legend.

Another of the demanding climbs in the initial section of the stage will be the Montée de La Stèle, a second-class pass with its 6.81 kilometers at 5% that will crown at 1,243 meters of altitude after climbing 367 meters of unevenness. 893 athletes have completed 1,160 attempts on the ascent at an average of 31:22 at 13.67 km / h that in professionals falls to 21:44 and a speed of 19.03 km / h. The French Stefan Bennett has the KOM since July 19 with a time of 15:53 at 25.7 km / h while the QOM is for Christele Vedrine since July 7, 2019 with 22:33. It takes 4 efforts to be a Local Legend at La Stèle.

The great selection in the peloton will arrive at Col de Néronne, a second category port with its 3.83 kilometers at 9% that will crown 1,250 after ascending 354 meters of unevenness. 914 athletes have dared this climb for a total of 1,238 attempts that have made with an average of 23:03 to 10.42 km / h while the professionals complete it in 14:54 to 16.19 km / h. The French Aurélien Gay has had the KOM since last July 14 with a record of 12:12 at an average of 18.8 km / h, while the QOM is owned by Miranda Bik since last July 7 with a time of 18 : 37. 3 efforts are enough to be a Local Legend at this peak.

The highlight of the day will come with the climb to Pas de Peyrol or Puy Mary, a first category climb with its 5.46 kilometers at 8% that will crown at 1,581 meters of altitude after climbing 425 meters of unevenness. 2,772 athletes have dared to climb for a total of 3,998 attempts that have been completed in 33:01 at 10.51 km / h when the professionals climb it in 19:20 at 16.44 km / h. Wilco Kelderman has the KOM since the Tour passed through here in 2016 with a time of 14:55 at an average of 22 km / h, while the QOM is for Fabienne Vincent with 23:45. It takes 7 efforts to be a Local Legend in Pas de Peyrol.

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