The stage of the day: arrival behind closed doors due to the virus

The 2020 Tour de France lives its third stage in the Massif Central. The day will have five ports and there will be no fans in Lyon because it is a red zone.


The Massif Central will today offer another opportunity for adventurers to try their luck. Yesterday there were 17 men who made up the getaway, something similar is expected for this Saturday. It is a good day for the escape to come to fruition. Surely there is a struggle with the platoon. We will have to see the team that wants to control the race, but Ineos and UAE are forced to press to cut back. The question is whether they will leave 'another race' ahead or if they will seek stage victory. What there will not be is public in Lyon. It will be an arrival behind closed doors as required by the Government, since the region is in the red zone of coronavirus expansion.

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The accumulated beating is getting bigger and bigger and the end in Puy Mary is sure to take its toll. Another marathon day awaits the runners this Saturday. There will be 194 kilometers with five ports: Cote du Château d'Aulteribe (1 km at 8.4%), Col du Beal (10.2 km at 5.6%), Cote de Courreau (4 km at 5.7%) , Cote de la Duchere (1.4 km at 5.6%) and Cote de la Croix-Rousse (1.4 at 4.8%). 444 444

Of the ascents, the last two stand out. They are very close to the finish line. The Cote de la Duchere is crowned ten kilometers from the end and the Cote de la Croix-Rousse five. Without a doubt it is a chained that can cause movements among the favorites. The Massif Central is a continuous up-down, this Saturday it will happen again.

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