The sentence to Dele Alli

The midfielder has not been called up in the last two games by Mourinho and the club is looking for a destination for him. Bale's signing opens the exit door for him.


"You're a fucking bum." That was how sincere José Mourinho was with Dele Alli in the 'All or nothing: Tottenham Hotspur'. And it seems that in the months that the Portuguese has spent in front of the London team they have not made him change his mind. Milton Keynes's was the game in the spur premiere against Everton, but Mou shouldn't have liked him to replace him at half-time. Since that time, Dele has not dressed in shorts again. Out of the squad against Lokomotiv Plovdiv, in qualifying for the Europa League, and at home again in the visit to Southampton. The first would not have mattered if he had returned to the team in the second, but it was not.

Mourinho was asked about his absences in the previous one against Southampton and the answer should not have reassured the midfielder: "We have a very large squad that is very difficult to manage. We have too many players in the same position and some of them are winning the position ". Therefore, others, like our protagonist, no.

In the aforementioned documentary, the coach was especially concerned about the footballer and talks about it with Daniel Levy. "We have to find a motivation for him," he begins. To confess to the owner of the team the only advice he received on transfer matters from Sir Alex Ferguson in his time at United: "He gave me only one piece of advice in two and a half years: 'buy Dele', he said. ' That boy, with that mentality, the way he plays, the aggressive mentality that he has. This boy is a player for Manchester United. Buy Dele Alli. "

On the exit ramp; Lingard, in the bedroom

However, he does not seem to have found her yet and this has led Tottenham to seek a fate for their once star player. According to The Telegraph, PSG would have been interested in the player's situation, since the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium offices came to offer the player to Real Madrid to lower the cost of the 'Bale operation'. Although the team rejected that possibility, they speak clearly that Dele's future as a Tottenham player is in danger.

Moreover, from England, José Mourinho's interest in Jesse Lingard, Manchester United midfielder, who lived his best moments under the mantle of the Portuguese, is pointed out to cover the departure of the midfielder. At 24 years of age, few expected Dele Alli to be experiencing such a downturn in his career at a time when he should finally emerge as a football player. And even less when just four years ago he was one of the most promising players in Europe, having arrived from MK Dons in League One, after scoring 10 goals and distributing 11 assists in his first season in the elite. Last season he finished it with 9 goals and 5 final passes, the previous one with 7 and 8, a clear example of the stagnation in which he seems to be plunged.

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