The RFEF approves the 5 changes for the League and the 23 summoned

In addition, all teams must inform LaLiga before the next day 18 the alternative stadium. Follow the rest of the rules already applied by UEFA.


The Federation (RFEF) has approved the five changes in all First and Second League matches for the Championships that begin next weekend. In addition, the RFEF has set the maximum number of players called up by each team and for each match at 23 players.In addition, all teams must notify LaLiga before the next day 18 the alternative stadium in which they will play their matches if theirs has to be closed for health reasons or for any other reason.Likewise, to start a match, each team must appear and maintain during it at least seven players belonging to the first team, except as stipulated in the COVID clauses. If the team does not reach that number, the difference may not be covered with players of another class or category and the referee will suspend the match, the disciplinary body adopting the appropriate resolution.

If a match cannot be played as a result of events related to the coronavirus (unavailability of at least thirteen players between the first team and subsidiaries, inability to travel, closure of facilities 48 hours before the match ...), it must be postponed to a new one date

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