The quarry fills the piggy bank

Reguilón's 30 million euros allow Madrid to exceed the € 95 million raised this summer. That money will help finance the signing of Mbappé.


The Madrid youth academy continues to provide the club with benefits that have saved the club's financial summer. With the sales of Reguilón to Tottenham (today, Friday after passing the medical examination yesterday in Valdebebas), Achraf to Inter, Óscar Rodríguez to Sevilla, Javi Sánchez to Valladolid, Baeza to Celta, and Dani Gómez and De Frutos to Levante, Madrid has received 95.5 million euros in its coffers. Given that the cost in transfers has been zero (Odegaard, Lunin and Odriozola have returned free from their assignments to Real Sociedad, Oviedo and Bayern Munich, respectively), it can be said that those almost 100 million who have entered the box with the youth players will allow the entity to face in the summer of 2021 the ambitious operation that must bring Mbappé to Madrid.

Signing the French star, despite the fact that in 2021 he will only have one year left on his contract with PSG, it will be very expensive and complicated due to Al-Khelaifi's toughness to negotiate the departure of his stars. Verratti, Rabiot and Neymar can attest to this. But with only twelve months of contract ahead and the possibility that the Parisian star can negotiate with whoever he wants from January 1, 2022 to go free to the destination he prefers, in Madrid they believe that PSG will end up agreeing to sit in the table to agree on a reasonable starting price by Kylian.

The fact is that the 40 million euros that Achraf has left in the Bernabéu bank (it was an express request from Conte in view of his great performance in Dortmund) have been joined by the 30 that Reguilón will leave. Mourinho telephoned him personally to convey his faith in his chances with Spurs. He will not play the Champions League, but he will play the Europa League. In addition, Regui will have a plus if he can help Tottenham to qualify for the Champions League of the 2021-22 season. He has already achieved it with Sevilla this year, apart from winning the Europa League against Inter.

The important thing is that Reguilón has gotten away with getting a buyback clause included in his transfer contract, given that his priority was to leave the door open upon his return to the Bernabéu. "His dream is to succeed in the club of his life and in the future Bernabéu, which is going to be the best stadium in the world," a source close to the youth squad told AS.

The fact is that despite the crude economic crisis caused by the pandemic, Madrid will have liquidity to face its great strategic bet for the next decade: sign Mbappé. PSG will ask between 130-150 million for Kylian. The quarry will cover a good part of this disbursement.

Mariano may be the next to leave the club more money

Despite the fact that already this summer's collection with the homegrown players has been very successful (almost 100 million as reflected in this attached table), the matter can improve even more if the club He manages to convince Mariano Díaz to accept any of the offers he has, since Zidane does not have him even on the bench. Mariano, who is now on leave after having undergone surgery for tonsillitis, rejected a good offer from Benfica a week ago by declining to ask for a net five million token. On Transfermarkt it is now valued at 13 million, an affordable amount. But the problem is that his annual salary shoots up to 4.5. If you do not accept to lower yourself, the token will remain to spend another blank year ...

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