The Premier with the highest goalscorer breaks the one-day record: 44 goals

The best record in a weekend (33) was dated February 2011. Son touched the mark for the most goals in a single match. The English League, launched for a thousand.


If in Spain the goal goes away, gets older or is lost for various reasons, the Premier does not stop celebrating so many. The fans can't see it yet, but at this rate it will be a season to remember. On the second day of the championship, the historical record for goals in the same day was broken, with a total of 44. It is somewhat more than the figure that was registered in February 2011. Nine years later, England have experienced an end week of writing gold letters in their history books

Part of the fault lies with Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds, the protagonist of 14 goals in two games. For the moment, they are doing well, with a win (against Fulham, 4-3) and a brilliant game against Liverpool (4-3). But it is not a question of a specific team. The general tonic dances to the sound of the goal, with matches of more than three targets being frequent. What's more, the matches played between Saturday and Sunday only left two unreleased lockers: Chelsea and Newcastle. Sheffield joined on Monday.

Leeds were not the only ones to turn their match into an offensive festival. Everton beat West Brom 5-2, Crystal Palace shone at Old Trafford (1-3) or Leicester dominated at home against Burnley (4-2). Special mention should be made of Tottenham de Mourinho. Son has already warned Bale who's boss in London, with an exhibition and four goals. He barely had one left to match the all-time record of Cole, Shearer, Defoe, Berbatov and Agüero. Kane closed the party and sank a Southampton that had advanced on the scoreboard (2-5) .

Saturday and Sunday closed, therefore, with 39 goals in eight games, almost an average of five per game. There were, therefore, two left to finally close the record: Aston Villa-Sheffield United and Wolverhampton-Manchester City. Paradoxically, the former got muddled after Egan was sent off in the 12th minute. Since then, the visitors locked themselves in to try to keep the point in the adverse circumstance. Even so, Lundstram had the opportunity to open the scoring from 11 meters, but collided with Emi Martínez. Finally, Konsa scored the only target of the most tame match of the day. At the Molineux Stadium they fixed it with a 1-3.

Buying a goal is synonymous with success

Faced with the absence of renowned signings in other championships, the Premier has taken a step forward to sign top players. Havertz, Ziyech and Werner, themselves, aim to celebrate many goals with the elastic 'blue'. Like Rodrigo, debutant in the English championship. The former Valencia player is not a 'killer' in the area, but his reading of spaces can give Bielsa a lot of joy. Ferran, Thiago and Van de Beek also represent a qualitative leap for the tournament, despite not paying too many points to their private account.

Bale is another of the men called to lead the scorers table. Despite being injured for a month, the Welsh winger returns home, motivated and eager to return to offer his best version. Although its performance has fallen in recent years, it still has a top speed to match few. James Rodríguez and Reguilón also visit England from Real Madrid. The former has already shown that he is ready to take the helm of Everton. The second, a lightning bolt in the attack field, will not stop filtering balls for Kane and company.

Of course, in times of pandemic the best signing is continuity. Sadio Mané, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah, Aubameyang, Lacazette, De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesús, Sterling, Vardy, Willian, Bernardo Silva ... They all continue, one more season, offering their football to the British public. With them, the goal and magic are assured and, if they step forward, the spectator will enjoy a historic year. At the moment, the first record is set after only two days of competition.

The Premier, based on a thousand goals

To reach the desired figure of a thousand goals in a league, an average of 26.3 per day must be scored. Which amounts to between two and three goals per game. At the moment, the Premier is launched. In the first appointment 23 were written down with two postponed still pending. In the second, that figure has been far exceeded. An initial arreón that will compensate for the wear and tear of the Christmas marathon or the two cups or the decisive rounds of the Champions or Europa League.

The English League is the only one of the Big Five that has managed to reach that number in the last five seasons. Of course, the Series A, in evident growth, hit the table with 1,154 goals in 2019-20. The Premier stayed away, with 1,034. The Italian also tends to be around 1,000, although she did not achieve them in 2015-16.

Ligue 1 has only achieved it in 2017-18, while the Bundesliga has not arrived in any of the last five seasons, also clearly influenced by being a league of only 18 clubs. The Spanish, meanwhile, continues to accuse the march of world stars such as Neymar and Cristiano. After three years comfortably surpassing the thousand goals, in 2019-20 and 2018-19 it could not be. For the moment, the first two days do not invite optimism.

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