The power of Marquez

"When Marc got injured, some started to believe they could win races," says Oliveira of the loss of the Honda champion.


There is a war that usually goes unnoticed but that, not for that reason, is less important compared to the one fought on the asphalt. The psychological fight has always had a fundamental role in sport and although it has never been one of the great protagonists in these battles, the vast majority disputed on a verbal level, Marc Márquez was able to build a wall between himself and the rest of the aspirants of a grill thanks to what it said about the Honda. With the ilerdense on the track, the aspirations to victory were practically ruled out for the vast majority. If there was someone, especially in the last year, who was always fighting to win, that was the eighth champion and it was his superiority that made possible a feeling that was corroborated at the Jerez GP.

The race that cost him the title this season was precisely one of the greatest displays of power the Honda rider has ever had in displacement. In fact, some like Petrucci assured that on the Andalusian track "Márquez humiliated us all" and performances similar to those of that weekend, are what have led him to be the favorite in each new course. Since Marc reached the premier class, it took three years to see a new rider making his debut at the top of the drawer and yet, in the absence of the current champion this season, there are already three who have uncorked the champagne for the first time time at the top of the podium.

Quartararo, Binder and Oliveira already know what it's like to win in MotoGP. The Portuguese was the last to join the list and after his triumph, he acknowledged that Marc's loss has opened the range of hopefuls for victory: "When Márquez stopped running there were people who began to lift their chests and began to believe that they could win races and even the championship. " MotoGP does not now have a defined leader, in fact the record of nine different winners that was registered in 2016 could be surpassed, and that feeling that reached the paddock since the absence of the ilerdense "is the reason why there is no favorite at the title "this season. When the eighth champion returns, history may change, but now everyone believes in his aspirations again ...

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