The Perfumerías annuls the illusion of Gernika in the Super Cup

Milic sentenced his former team with a great game. The final held up until the beginning of the third quarter, when a 0-13 tipped the balance. Ninth wound for the charras.


El Perfumerías Avenida shortened the nostalgia for the absence of women's basketball with a game that moves the whole world six months ago, as it refreshes its dominance of March, when it won the Copa de la Reina. In the most unequal match of the Super Cup played in Miribilla, he mercilessly beat host Gernika and recovered the trophy, lost last year at the hands of Girona. It already has nine, three more than the historic Ros Casares. His greatest rival, Girona, he crossed out a day before with some more trouble. The charras leaned on Milic, a former Lointek, who signed the valuation record in the history of the tournament: 31. The rebound was the other great support of the Salamancans: 43. Gernika noticed a lot the effort of the semifinal against him Valencia and, without his usual aggressiveness, raised the white flag after relegation.

El Perfumerías Avenida felt that they acquainted him at first. Buch hit a triple to find the first Biscayan lead: 3-2. Then Cornelius extended the lead with a triple basket almost from home in the last second of possession and three free throws: 11-6, in the sixth minute of the game. The charro team adhered to the planned script: suffocating pressure on passing lanes, so Lointek had to make shots in the last seconds of possession. Two plays traced from Silvia Domínguez to Diallo and robbery, the second with unsportsmanlike included, in the Gernikarras half court was raising the ceiling. Two free throws by Ivanovic made it 21-15. The Perfumerías played without so much effort, relying on their final one against one. Hof is a determining five, which conditions the parties. And Vilaró made a triple when they raised a zone 2-3.

The match was decided with the start after the break. Gernika broke down because it had no legs. He knows very well that against such powerful rivals it is fundamental that they do not feel that they have much respect at the beginning of both periods, but he forgot that script in the locker room after the break. Milic went to more before his former team and his team found easy advantages through blocking. A 0-13 finish with the excitement of a Super Cup that had two semifinals and 20 vibrant minutes. Mario López's girls did not know how to use the fouls (three free throws made by Perfu in three quarters, a sign that they did not make them personal), they lacked aggressiveness in defense and they transferred him to attack. Buch broke the drought of 5 minutes and 20. The charro centers conceded very easily and the game was balanced with shots from outside almost without scoring. The wound was already fatal, before Lointek he never lowers his arms and he showed it against Valencia.

The idea was to get down from the psychological frontier of ten points. And it was achieved at the start of the last act, with a two plus one from Colhado that put the emotion with 46-53. But in the blink of an eye the Avenida put things in place with a +12. Ariztimuño missed an easy ball to score under the rim, those kinds of unforced errors against a colossus pay dearly. "We have to try something," proclaimed the local coach. They struggled to anticipate, defend ahead and change on blocks, but their luck was cast. The visitors divided the game well, passed the ball until they found one of their stars to strike (assists). They looked winners with 48-62 and patience was prescribed in attack. Your face cover letter to aspire to everything. And they still have to incorporate Hayes and the other sister Samuelson. Perfu is the first to start the preseason and many juniors (one of them was set aside due to contagion) have lent a hand, starting with Santibáñez, who joined the party at the end as a prize awarded by Íñiguez.

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