The peloton is planted in the Skoda Tour due to the lack of security

The cyclists stopped at kilometer 18 of the second stage to protest the lack of security and completed 100 kilometers in a neutralized way as a protest.


The peloton competing in the Skoda Tour in Luxembourg from 15 to 19 September stood at kilometer 18 of the second stage of the test to protest the lack of safety on the route on the first day of the test.

On Tuesday, during the dispute of the first stage, the riders already protested the presence of several vehicles in the middle of the road in the final section of the stage. "Here we are again. Even after the meeting with the teams we found several cars parked on the stretch of 5 to 2 kilometers from the finish line. It is a very dangerous part of the race, everyone is preparing the sprint, there is a slight descent and the speed is around 70 km / h. A BUS WAS PARKING 4.5 KILOMETERS FROM THE GOAL! Where is the UCI? They should fine the organization for this. We do not want another heartbreaking tweet about how we love cyclists, We want you to protect us. Where are the teams? You are paying us, how can you tolerate these things again. Ignatas Konovalovas was 5 minutes from the peloton after pulling the group all day. You know what happened to him? it opened again and reached the finish line 12 minutes after us because HE HAD TO STOP AT A RED LIGHT. Really? " the Groupama-FDJ rider Jacopo Guarnieri lamented on his Twitter account after the first stage.

With these precedents, the Skoda Tour peloton said enough this Wednesday and at kilometer 18 of the second stage they dropped to the ground in protest of the lack of safety. The Italian team Vini Zabú - KTM published a video of the moment of the break, supported by all the teams in the peloton. Faced with this situation, the peloton and the organization agreed to complete the next 100 kilometers in a neutralized manner before reaching Syren to face the final circuit of Hesperange, where they started again with 42 kilometers to go and where Arnaud Démare won the victory. to sprint.

Guarnieri himself explained at the end of the stage on social media what happened on the Skoda Tour this Wednesday. "This is what happened this morning on the Skoda Tour. We started the race with the director's car, okay. At kilometer 4 a car in the race decided to overtake the peloton on a narrow section while the attacks were taking place. Jasper Philipsen almost fell and I don't know how he managed not to. Then we hit the intermediate sprint at kilometer 18 and just after a car coming from another road looks to his left, sees no one and drives in our direction. No one. it was closing traffic and nobody knew there was a race. So we decided to stop the race. We neutralized it until the final circuit where we once again have barriers in the middle of the road and also posts. I am very happy with how the peloton reacted at the beginning of the race. We were kind enough to compete in the final circuit when an organization like this does not deserve it. WE WANT TO RUN IN SAFE CONDITIONS. We, the cyclists and the teams, must always record ar that the organizers do not organize this for charity, they do it for something in return. We are happy to race because we need races, but if you cannot guarantee our safety at that speed, then see you. Will it be different tomorrow (for today)? I do not know. But I would be proud if the UCI or the CPA (Professional Cyclists Association) said something ", said the Italian cyclist.

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