The 'Baby' Milan launches for Chiesa: it's over for Paquetá

The Brazilian could go out to bet on that of Fiorentina. The average age of the squad does not reach 25 years with Ibrahimovic included.


Lucas Paquetá has not finished fitting in in Milan. The Brazilian arrived at San Siro as one of the most interesting emerging footballers since Flamengo but after more than 40 games with the Rossoneri with just one goal and two assists, his credit has almost run out in Lombardy.

With Calhanoglu, the return of Halilovic from loan, the arrival of Brahim and the entry of the young Maldini to the first team, the playmaker position has too many troops in Milan and they are looking to start. Although some will not be covered, others will. From their offices, the Rossoneri are already moving to sign Chiesa, one of the most promising young Italians in recent years at Calcio.

At the Artemio Franchi they do not want the player's sale to stall until it ends up going free and they prefer to sell already before its value falls. Although they expected to get 60 million, a figure that has already withdrawn Juve or Inter, they have lowered their claims to 40 million given the circumstances. In addition to the need for income to recover from the stoppage and other effects of the coornavirus pandemic, they also see that the negotiations to treat its renewal are not progressing. With their end of contract dated 2022, they are already planning their relief.

After the signing of Tonali, Milan is attentive to Chiesa who, although not a priority, could be accelerated by him if the necessary sales are made. Even with an agreement to reach in regard to salary, according to reports from Italy, your purchase could come to fruition according to the departure from Paquetá. The Brazilian could arrive at Olympique de Lyon as a substitute for Memphis Depay, who is targeting Barcelona.

Thus, Chiesa would become one of the young leaders of this Baby Milan who, even with Ibrahimovic on the roster (38 years old), only have an average age of 24.9 years. Pioli mixes young people with the need to prove that they are worth for the elite of the elite with 'veteran' theorists who do not even reach 27 (Donarumma, Castillejo, Rebic) and with the Swede as the 'master' of the wardrobe. His goal: to return, little by little, to compete for everything in Italy and Europe. The enormous quality of Chiesa would bring them closer to that goal.

Chiesa, centenary

At only 21 years old, Federico, son of the mythical Enrico Chiesa, has already accumulated more than 130 games in Calcio with 25 goals and another 22 assists. With a score of caps, it has long been expected that he will make the jump to one of the great teams in Italy. The Genoese would decide for Milan to match again with Pioli, with whom he played the best stretch of his career as a viola.

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