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Nole says that the PTPA is not a union nor does it intend to start a parallel circuit, but it is more similar to the first ...


Novak Djokovic was the protagonist last weekend twice. He first brought out his magic on the court, with a victory in Cincinnati that helped him draw 35 Masters 1,000 with Rafa Nadal and become the first tennis player to have won all the tournaments in this category at least twice. And then he took his genius off the court to announce the creation of the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA), an alliance of players unrelated to the ATP. Nole says that it is not a union nor does it intend to start a parallel circuit, but it is more similar to the first, because its objective is to fight for the rights of tennis players before the governing body of professionals, which in this case would be equivalent to the patronal. The ATP houses the Players Council, of which Djokovic was its president, but for a large group of tennis players it is not enough, because the decisions that come out of there are transformed into mere recommendations that fall into the Board of Directors, the true executive arm, headed by Andrea Gaudenzi.

Djokovic is not alone, he is supported by packing tennis players such as Isner, Raonic, Pospisil, Schwartzman, Berrettini, Carreño ... And it is not ruled out that women will join in the future. Serena Williams has already winked at Novak. Opposite, Nadal and Federer criticize the initiative: "It is time for unity, not separation." But the one who plays the US Open is Djokovic. And there the problems are settled today. His crazy tour on the Adria Tour, where several tennis players were infected with coronavirus, including him, shook the image of the Serbian, but less than expected. That behavior is more linked to his holistic thoughts, which sometimes raise controversy beyond sports, such as when he shuns vaccines. But on the circuit he is seen as a caring person. And that seeps into colleagues.

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