The Government takes Tebas to the Prosecutor's Office for the 'Fuenla Case'

According to La Sexta and AS confirmed, the executive branch, through the CSD, has brought the relationship between the president of LaLiga and the Madrid club before the judicial body.


The Fuenlabrada Case continues to be talked about despite the fact that the LaLiga Judge and the Federation's Competition Committee have closed the case. The Government has brought Javier Tebas, president of the club's employers' association, to the Prosecutor's Office, for his connection with the Madrid club and everything that happened around Deportivo-Fuenlabrada.

Said match, which had to be postponed and could not be held together with the remaining ten of the 42nd day of LaLiga SmartBank, continues to give of itself. The Executive of Pedro Sánchez, through the Higher Sports Council, has brought Javier Tebas before the Prosecutor's Office for his role in this matter, as La Sexta has advanced and this newspaper has been able to confirm. The goal is to clarify your role in the whole thing. The LaLiga president publicly assumed the responsibility that Fuenlabrada, which ended with 28 positives among its squad, traveled to A Coruña despite having detected the first cases of COVID among the players, who did not travel. In addition, one of his sons is a member of the Fuenlabrada Board of Directors, which aroused the suspicions and complaints of Deportivo and Numancia, who even asked the Superior Sports Council for his disqualification.

The CSD, for all this, and verifying that the LaLiga-FEF route has already exhausted its entire course on this matter, which both institutions have shelved, they have been obliged to be the ones who continue to clarify the facts and verify the Links of Thebes. It should be remembered that the Federation Instruction Judge recommended to the Competition Committee to descend to Fuenlabrada, but the CAS took away the power to decide on it, giving it to the Social Judge of LaLiga, who had already decreed that such a thing would not happen. After this ruling of the CAS, both institutions closed the case without appealing. And it was at that time, when the CSD has intervened considering that there are still issues to be clarified about the controversial 'Fuenlabrada Case'. Of which they have come to ask until the resignation of Irene Lozano, president of the CSD.

The son of Tebas responds

As soon as the news is known, the son of the president of LaLiga and Fuenlabrada lawyer, Javier Tebas Llanas, has reacted to the decision of the Government to take his father before the Prosecutor's Office. Through its social networks, Tebas Llanas has expressed itself in the following terms: "Some media and institutions have been insulting me as a lawyer for two months - and attacking my clients - just because my last name serves them for petty interests or wars of power against me. father who have nothing to do with me or with CF Fuenlabrada ".

And he adds: "It is a good opportunity to settle the constant insults and calumnies: Yes, I am a lawyer, I work for clubs and athletes (the vast majority very humble), my relationship with CF Fuenlabrada is crystal clear and I will not allow myself to use as a ram of no cause ".

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