The First Clubs press Tebas to continue the five changes and 23 called

Second-class teams prefer there to be three changes again and 18 called up. They want a separate vote between the First and Second teams.


Within LaLiga there is a great debate over the proposal by Luis Gil, the employer's competition director, that for the new season that starts next weekend, the five substitutions and the 23 summoned are not kept. The proposal that LaLiga is going to make to the Federation is that in the competition bases of the 2020-2021 season it will see only three changes and 18 called, unless the First teams manage to impose their criteria that the five changes are maintained and 23 cited.

The First Division clubs mostly want the championship to start as it was concluded in the 11-game mini-league, for which FIFA authorized 5 substitutions and 23 called in order to help the teams get into shape of their footballers after being confined for several months.

Second division clubs are against it mainly due to the economic cost of having to move 23 players called up, so they prefer to reduce the number of substitutions from five to three and that coaches can only have 18 players per game.

According to AS has learned, the Primera clubs are going to try to separate the vote and have the 20 members of LaLiga Santander vote on their own and that the 22 teams of the Smartbank League do so for theirs. In this way, the vote will win if there are still 5 changes and 23 called. Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, will accept what most of the clubs he works for say, both in terms of voting separately for the First and Second, an old aspiration of Real Madrid and Barcelona, and that there are 5 changes and 23 substitutions. After the Fuenlabrada Case, the clubs have made it very clear to Tebas that he is an employee of the clubs and that it is due to all teams.

It so happens that in the rest of the major leagues they will keep the five changes and 23 players per team in the minutes of each game, except the Premier League, which at the beginning of August rejected the five changes, considering some clubs that it favors to the greats. FIFA confirmed that the rule remains for 20-21.

Today it will be known what proposal LaLiga presents to the Royal Spanish Football Federation in relation to the bases of the competition for the 20-21 campaign that begins next weekend. Most Primera clubs want five changes because it is the best way to try to avoid injuries and protect players who have not had adequate preparation and rest due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The Federation will accept the proposal made by LaLiga.

The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) is in favor of LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartabank being played with five substitutions and 23 summoned, because it is the best for the footballer and AFE, a world reference footballers union, defends the interests of its almost ten thousand affiliates in Spain.

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