The Ferrari of shame

Outside the points without breakdowns or accidents. Binotto, "responsible", asks for "stability". They will not waste time with the SF1000: "We focus on 2021 and 2022".

It is curious that Vettel is the one who breathes more courage into the Ferrari garage right now, as a spiritual leader, while the disasters of the SF1000 are chained. "I am optimistic by nature," he often says, and does not rule out a turning point at Monza. Not even the most pessimistic would have predicted such a terrible season for Maranello and the causes are very simple: they changed a brilliant engine that was no longer legal, or that never was, for a basic one that could not compensate for the aerodynamic deficiencies of the chassis. It was assumed that there would be no wins in 2020, but no one was prepared to see Seb and Leclerc trailing behind Raikkonen's Alfa Romeo, fighting Haas and Williams at the rear of the pack.

At Spa-Francorchamps, one of the two circuits where power is most important, all the flaws in the design and aerodynamic concept were exposed and they were lost over the weekend without extracting grip from the tires. Now comes Monza, where it is better that there is no tifosi. "I don't know if they would boo us, because they suffer as much as we do," says the nonconformist German: "We don't enjoy fighting for 13th place, or eighth, but we prefer eighth, or third, and we want it to arrive before the season is over. We're not going to win races, we have to be realistic because the package is what it is. " Leclerc, however, was more beaten and beaten after the race. He advanced four places at the start but lost them all without being able to defend himself from overtaking and with questionable strategies.

Ferrari did not score in Spa without accidents or breakdowns, for sheer lack of performance. Not many similar cases are remembered, and less a year after winning in that same circuit and without the regulation having changed. Who is responsible for this unmitigated failure? Mattia Binotto, the boss, responds: "The entire team is responsible and I am the first as the main team." Is he the right person to set the course? "I'm not the one who has to answer that question, but if we look back at the successful periods in Ferrari's history, there have never been magic solutions. Stability and patience are necessary."

Another logical question: If the SF90H was faster, can't parts be recovered? Well, no: "The car is quite different, it is not possible or as simple as adding parts. This year's one has more drag, it is an advantage on circuits where more downforce is required." The Swiss expects the same scenario at the Italian GP, although he trusts that the technical directive that will prohibit qualifying modes will be helpful: "Maybe the competitiveness in qualifying will vary and that influences the race because when you go out in so much traffic, your race is compromised." They will dedicate a lot of effort to correct what has no solution. The priority, according to Binotto, is "to focus on 2021 and especially 2022." At least Carlos Sainz will receive other material.

"In the middle of the storm"

'La Gazzetta dello Sport 'called for "doppietto" at Monza last year after Leclerc's triumph at Spa. Now they have the title "In the middle of the storm" on their cover and they predict a very complicated Italian GP in the Temple of Speed for a car that does not have that. In the other trench are Mercedes and Red Bull, who need the Ferrari to give a show on Sundays, but they ended up very disgusted, with the relations touched, with the superiority of the Italian engine last year and the subsequent private agreement with the FIA to solve the problem. investigation. The contents of the summary are an open secret. Horner: "Everything leaves a bitter taste, everyone can draw their own conclusions by looking at Ferrari's performance. Last year they won races with a very different engine." And Wolff: "I don't want to add fuel to the fire. But in 2019 we were demanded in the competition, we suffered and even lost." And now, Ferrari has to lose.

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