The Euroleague protocol: PCR three days before each match

In addition, the Euroleague has presented a special regulation: matches may be postponed up to three times for justified reasons and there are deadlines to finish each phase.


The Euroleague has published new health and safety protocols for the 2020-21 season. These have been developed in coordination with the competition doctors and the 42 clubs (Euroleague and Eurocup), the Euroleague players and coaches union, the referee union, the national leagues and the ULEB. The protocols are as follows:

Basic hygiene rules: hand washing, social distancing, use of a mask and ventilation Guidelines in the pavilions and other training facilities that establish a maximum number of people on the playing field and in changing rooms Appointment of a COVID-19 manager in each club. In addition, there will be educational sessions, daily health monitoring is recommended and medical evaluation forms must be filled out. Players, coaching staff members and referees must undergo a PCR test three days before each match, with protocols to follow in case of a positive result.- Guidelines for hotels, transport, referees, TV production, media and viewers.

The protocols will be periodically reviewed and adapted depending on the evolution of the pandemic. In addition, the Euroleague presents a series of special regulations to ensure, as far as possible, the course of the competition. The special regulations, which will be included in the statutes of the 2020-21 competition, include, among others:

Matches that cannot be played on the scheduled date due to new or existing restrictions imposed on local or visiting clubs by their national authorities will be suspended and rescheduled. In such cases, the match may be moved to an alternate venue, if necessary. Each match may be suspended a maximum of three times. All matches in the regular phase of the Euroleague must have been played before April 13, 2021 and all matches Playoff games, before May 5, 2021. In the Eurocup, the deadlines are December 22 (first phase) and February 23, 2021 (Top-16) .In the event that no dates are available to postpone a match, or that the maximum number of postponements has been reached, the team whose national or local restrictions led to the relocation / rescheduling of the match will lose the match 0-20. Repeated 0-20 losses due to this situation would not imply the disqualification of the team. In the event that a team has less than eight players eligible to play due to COVID-19, said team will lose the game 0-20. Repeated 0-20 losses due to this situation would not result in team disqualification Any club that refuses to play without any official national or local restriction (without just cause) will record a 0-20 loss on the first occasion and disqualification of the team. competition in the second, in accordance with current competition rules. A 0-20 loss occurring during the EuroCup quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, or during the Euroleague playoffs, would result in the loss of the tie by the relevant team. In the case of the season suspension, the standings Provisional provisions in force when it occurred can be considered final, either to resume the competition or for teams to advance to a possible next phase. If necessary, teams will play the remaining / postponed matches to ensure that the number of matches played is balanced between all teams in the same group.

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