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The collegiate team falls to UCAM Murcia, which wins its first game of the season. Cate (18), Frankamp (24) and Davis (21) were lethal.


Movistar Estudiantes has been lost for a long time and does not look like it has found the compass at the start of the season. And it is a bit depressing, although not dramatic with a new project that was born, which already has two defeats this season: first against Baxi Manresa at home and the second this Tuesday in Murcia, against UCAM, which opens its record of victories this course with a superb third quarter and Frankamp's first great performance: 24 goals (4 of 9 in triples) for a PIR of 19.

He won without haste. Little by little he undressed the embarrassments of his rival to have a quite placid day, especially after the break: income grew to +20 (77-57) at the dawn of the final period. They unleashed, first and without reply, the Madrid pivots and, later, their entire defense in general: they could not maintain more than a minute of concentration, effort and complicity neither in static nor in the counterattack. The visitors also did not match the level of aggressiveness that the Murcians printed. The balance speaks for itself: 50 of Murcia's 93 points were in the paint, 14 second chances after hunting 19 offensive rebounds! 444 444

A problem that cannot be solved with a blow exchange until Edwin Jackson returns from vacation. The Frenchman entered the final period with just two points and four fouls (three committed in just 2:25) and three losses. He finished with 11 and eliminated. On the first day he only did 6. Either he wakes up or the Estu attack is lame. And there is no point in losing punch when your pivots do not easily find the hoop up close and your perimeter only finds one man every day: in Murcia it was Roberson with 20 points with 4/8 in triples.Murcia: aggressive and effective

The university team wanted to forget about Andorra's slap in the early stages of the game. Aggressive on both sides of the court, they forced the disconnection of their defensive rival to the extreme, the same they had against Manresa. And in just eight minutes they were already 11 up (20-9) after a Frankamp basket, which Giedraitis tied short in the first quarter. In 10, they were only 9 (24-15) away with an 88% accuracy in the launch of two. An 8 of 9 in the short distance (only Davis failed) with a perfect Cate: 8 goals (4 of 4) of the 16 in the Murcia paint. The schoolboys lived the same experience as in the league debut, when Baxi reached 25 with 66% from triple. Djurisic was the only one who put out muscle, punishing DiLeo in the zone.

It was an incessant rain. Painful With Cate as captain general. The Romanian center reached 14 points (7 of 11), 5 rebounds and 2 blocks for a PIR of 15 in his first 11 minutes on the court. He finished with 18. The college towers had no response to their connection with Strawberry nor could they stop the bleeding of the offensive rebound (9 for UCAM in the second quarter). Only the perimeter penalized those of Sito Alonso (3 of 13). However, the distances dwindled. Robertson, with two triples in a row, gave the first rounds of Ramireñas; Brown continued the cannon shots and Avramovic finished them to reach the break, magically, only 3 down (39-36) .

A mirage. The Murcians advanced. They left quickly, endured a small visiting arreón and bit their rival on the jugular. Frankamp, without Giedraitis as a shadow, hit hard: 10 points in the third quarter; 6 at last. Also Jordan Davis with 21 points, 17 after returning from the break. And the differences soared, despite Roberson (20), reaching +20. The students, with heart, rebelled: they reached 10 with two triples from Jackson. But it was too late. It seems that it is always late. They return to Madrid with a new defeat and bad feelings for only two games. The smell of last season is coming.

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