The Classic is back

Madrid defeats Huertas and Iberostar in the second half and will face Barça in the final. The presence of Tavares and the success of Rudy (18 points) mark the duel.


It is still preseason, but the semifinals did not disappoint. On the one hand, the two ocean liners of our basketball imposed the enormous weight of their squads. Thus, the Clásico returns to a final after Madrid failed in the Valencia league bubble and Barça in the Malaga Cup. And on the other hand, Baskonia and Iberostar rushed their options, and although the League champion with more determination and more resources, both gave the size (Tenerife had a minute left over) .

The hosts overcame the disappointment of having brought the tournament to the island and not being able to fill the Santiago Martín with their people. And they did so after a defensive outing by their rival, which put a devastating quintet on the track behind: Campazzo, Abalde, Deck, Garuba and Tavares. A lot of energy, a lot of physique and a lot of attitude. Just halfway through the first quarter, Madrid had already recovered five balls and traveled with Campazzo at the helm of the ship in attack: 6-15. Deck drew in a couple of intrepid gallops and in another couple of cuts along the baseline well assisted by Facu. Tavares was no longer on the court: two quick fouls to Shermadini sent him to the bench in 2:38. Thompkins to track, from false five.

The rhythm was merengue until Huertas, Marcelinho, if you prefer, entered. What a player, 37 years old now, it doesn't matter. In the absence of Yusta and the recently fallen Dejan Todorovic, also due to a damn knee injury, Vidorreta was left without guards, a significant scoring loss. The solution was clear to him, two bases at the same time. Huertas and one of the signings, the Uruguayan Bruno Fitipaldo. With the tempo on their side, with better care of the ball, CB Canarias fired their offensive flow. The charrúa took the witness of the Brazilian, they alternated and also piled up forces (21 points and 5 assists added to the rest). Very effective and, at the same time, alone in the fight.

In front, Alocen entered the second quarter strong (two free throws and a basket with an added foul, and played to close the match) while Taylor doubled the spine against Huertas. Broken: three personnel cascaded down on him and he went to the bank dejected. Laprovittola wasn't even off the list of twelve along with Causeur and Reyes. A streak of Rudy, which would have a reply before the break, put Madrid +11 (26-37). The Mallorcan's never-ending streak, which went up to 18 points: 5 out of 8 out of three, from far away.

At the restart, the nutcracker quintet returned, this time with Carroll instead of Deck and, above all, with a more restrained Tavares. The gigantic shadow he cast and the talent of Abalde and Campazzo gave Madrid a new boost: 53-70. The final one, although Real would still have to row something else, Rudy would do it, with Jasikevicius attentive in the stands without stopping to take notes. One night to prepare for his first Clásico as Barça coach, the first final. Laso already has accounts: 27. And he is pursuing his twentieth title since 2011. There is a pulse, a new and an old one at the same time with a curious daró. It will be the first Clásico in any competition since December 29, 2019, nine and a half months without contesting, something unprecedented in the ACB era.

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