The beginning or the end of something

The Koeman era begins and the last dance of Leo Messi. Villarreal de Emery, a growing team, is going to be a hard bone in the Barça debut.


The 2-8 of August 14 in Lisbon was a humiliation, but not the end of the cycle. Because this is Messi's cycle and, although he has tried to run this summer, the circle will not close until he leaves Barça. So this season, except for a change of opinion by the Argentine, to whom only many goals will carry reasons for his ruthless criticism of the president for the fire that they generate in the day-to-day life of the club, it will mean the end of an era. Or, why not, the beginning of something. Because today, in the game against Villarreal (9:00 p.m.), the Koeman era also begins, which the most ominous announce short (follow the match live on .

Koeman has a bone to start with. On Friday he put his players to watch videos of the new Villarreal de Emery, who after discovering the glamor of Paris and the gunner magic in North London, has returned to the shores of the Mediterranean, where he resoundingly triumphed in Almería after his' scholarship 'in Lorca and then he did a soccer master's degree in Valencia. Emery's teams, they know it well in Seville, take a long time to start, and that is the one from Hondarribia, to whom Roig has entrusted his dream of lifting, at last, a title. Unai has Spanish internationals on all lines: Asenjo, Albiol, Pau Torres, Parejo, Alcácer, Gerard ... And to that Japanese raised in La Masia who has generated so many expectations in the last year, Take Kubo, in an important year for his confirmation as an elite player.

"Messi's Barça" continues on the billboards for almost more years than "Cuéntame" but, six seasons later, Suárez disappears from the series, forcing important changes to the script. To begin with, and unless Lautaro arrives, the figure of the nine will disappear at Barça. "The game is going to be different; the system, different," announced Koeman, who plans to demand pressure, protect himself with a double pivot and give the youth a field. Koeman likes to win. The hero of Wembley should not be disparaged.

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