The Barça looks for a language

Discreet victory against Nàstic in Koeman's debut as a coach. The 4-2-3-1 appears as the system chosen for the reconstruction. He scored the trident of 400 million: Dembélé, Griezmann and Coutinho, the latter two from penalties.


No one speaks yet at Barça. Lisbon's wound will last for years and redemption will be difficult and will not have to do with words, but with deeds. So the players went to Barça-Nàstic (3-1), the first friendly of the season and the first game of the Koeman era, like robots. To do their work without fuss in the silence of Estadi Johan and to return to work the next day. But what this Barça does need is a language, and that is what Koeman is looking for. A language of their own, a new identity in which to recognize oneself and in which people, fans and players identify themselves.

The debut, with a 3-1 victory and goals from Dembélé, Griezmann and Coutinho, curiously the trident of 400 million euros, left very little. If anything, that 4-2-3-1 appears as the chosen system for reconstruction. For the few days of training that the team takes, the pressure was relatively decent but the positional play was again pasty, especially in the first half. This Barça lacks a good shaking and a good spree. It finished rusting in confinement. At times, watching him play is an absolutely depressing exercise.

Dembélé returned 290 days later. His football has not changed. He scored in the 5th minute but, beyond injuries, his decision-making on the field is absolutely incomprehensible. Even so, he was seen a lot in the field. Barça played the first half on the left, with Jordi Alba as the most outstanding player. Messi, who despite having been training for less than a week, wore the bracelet and played half time, exchanged his position with Pedri, who left some detail at the beginning. Griezmann was once again banished to the position of nine, where there is no contact with the ball and it is harmless. It is not your site. At least Messi left him a penalty that he transformed with quality.

The second part was cooler. Riqui Puig was the player with the most desire to show things. That is why they like Riqui. Because of the passion that he transmits and the faith with which he fights a place in the team. You need that joy and that hunger to eat the world, even if it is impossible. Coutinho and Trincao also left some details. Neither is anything to write home about. De Jong remained the bureaucratic footballer that nobody wants, Konrad waged war on his own and Braithwaite confirmed that his place, of course, is not in Barcelona. Sentenced Suárez, Barça asks for a nine out loud. Also a new language. Koeman has tons of work.

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