The ACB presents its tenth season with Endesa

"We are going to be with basketball through thick and thin," says José Bogas, CEO of Endesa, which is committed to renewing the sponsorship beyond 2021.


The program Colgados del Aro, which can be seen on YouTube and presented by Juanma Iturriaga and Antoni Daimiel, has made a special broadcast on the occasion of the start of the Endesa League this Saturday. It is the tenth season in which the energy company has sponsored the ACB. Among the guests, José Bogas, CEO of Endesa, and Antonio Martín, president of the League. Both praise their relationship in this decade and leave the door wide open to the renewal of the contract beyond 2021, when the current one ends.

Bogas congratulates itself on the result of the sponsorship for Endesa in these years and affirms that "it is amortized" with the data they handle. He promises to maintain his commitment to basketball in these difficult months, “in the tough and mature months”: “Basketball also transcends sports. If there can be no public and there is confinement, that does not mean that we will not support it. We have been here for ten years and we are more comfortable than the first day, delighted to continue for many more years.

For his part, Antonio Martín believes that they have known how to “weather the storm” in the modernization of the product. And he explains it: "Neither the basketball user nor anyone else would understand a stoppage, despite the pandemic, that is why our project and our commitment to digital continues forward." The president publicly acknowledged "Endesa's great behavior with the League at this time."

The program featured some of the great protagonists of the competition, players, of course, but also a referee, a doctor and a coach and a journalist, our colleague Faustino Sáez, from El País.

Luca Vildoza, MVP in the Baskonia title: “Winning makes you want to repeat”

“Whoever comes to my house has to do with the MVP award of the final. It all started with Dusko Ivanovic. We confined ourselves and we knew it would go a long way, so we started doing as many things as the restrictions allowed us, always in video communication. We know how Dusko likes to train and that helped us to arrive in a physical form that surprised many teams. Touching the sky, as in Valencia, makes you want to repeat, not relax. It is a pride that you want to live again. The team is forming with the Dusko mentality, we obviously know that we are not the favorites. Regarding the style of play, many teams want to play low now and we have three quite large centers, but also four who can contribute another style. It sounds harsh, but it's a bit sad to walk onto the court, hear your last name on the loudspeaker and no one applauds. You always need the support, the positive energy of the people. ”

Sergio Llull, Real Madrid shooting guard: “Hunger can never be lost”

“Hunger can never be lost, we want to feel the sensations of winning again, like in the Super Cup. Personally, I am very happy because I feel very well physically after playing two very demanding games. ”

Mocho Fernández, ten years on the Obradorio bench: "Laso's titles are for the legend"

“On August 3, the coaching staff turned ten years at the Monbus Obradoiro. We now start the eleventh season, very happy. In our case, we haven't played since March 8. The titles of Pablo Laso (who has been in Madrid for a year less than he in Santiago) are for the legend, at the height of Naismith (the inventor of basketball). We will be the first Galician team to have ten consecutive years in the ACB, and that for us is like a title. As a coach, at this moment and without an audience in the stands, you don't need to raise your voice, everyone listens to you well, but vehemence comes a bit as standard. I think we will be more restrained, in general, we will have to give way to non-verbal language. The Fernandez of the NBA is Jordi (Denver's assistant coach). We, without missing anyone, are a club of good things to know. We add quality to players at the cost of inexperience. When we have players who go to the Euroleague or the NBA, we are very happy for them. The seasons go by very quickly and sometimes there is no time to analyze it, but the physical and speed evolution is notorious and that affects the game, because the technical quality is maintained. The physical evolution of the players demands an extension of the court. Is it true that without an audience the percentages improve? Shooters need the prospects and now it's varied, but moving NBA stats to Europe always upsets the result. We'll see if it's true that shooters are going to shoot better in the ACB now without fans. ”

Ignacio Muñoz, Valencia Basket doctor: “The players are now calmer”

“We have learned many things in these months. There is great unity and consensus with physicians, physical trainers and physical therapists. We are concerned about the pandemic and the increase in pathologies that can occur in the current circumstances. You have to transmit truthful and contrasted information to the players, so that they have everything clear. And that they know the steps to follow in case of positives. The players are much calmer now than five months ago, then there was more uncertainty. They are proving that the protocols are serious and work and that the treatments for the disease are also evolving positively. ”

Pau Ribas, great signing of Joventut: "Before I was carrying the suitcases and now not"

"Everything is going very well (he has just been a father). The girl is quite big, I don't know if she will be a center or a high forward. Trying to put her to sleep is getting me in shape. I have found everything very well in Badalona. Some of those who are now with me were in the lower categories (like the coach, Carles Duran). Star? Before in my time at Joventut, I carried suitcases on all trips and now it's not my turn. They are phases in each one's career. My goal this season is to help the youngest. Tomic and I are 33 years old; the next, 28 and the others are much younger. I won titles with Joventut, I won with Baskonia and in Barcelona we played finals and we lost with Madrid, that's the way of sport ”.

Carlos Alocén, base of Real Madrid: “Campazzo is the best mirror, he drives me hard”

“For now I have arrived and I have been able to win a title. I am adapting. The companions behave well with me, in addition, the smallest by age is Garuba, because of the jokes. I'm going to try to improve my performance, if you give Carroll or Tavares the triple ball under the basket it's very difficult for them to miss. Yes, I knew that LeBron James and I had our birthday on the same day, December 30th. Campazzo gives us many things inside and outside, I hope it continues because for me he is a mirror in which to look at myself, the best point guard in Europe. There are days when he gets fierce and kills me, but I prefer it because that way I will improve more. Car? I still do not have the card, I am missing the practical exam ”.

Eperanza Mendoza, referee: “Now all the comments are heard”

“We have a similar preparation to the teams. Among the novelties, they have made it clearer in writing the continuous movement towards the basket when there is a foul. We are used to whistling with a lot of noise, but we did not hear anything and now we hear all the comments of the players, the coaches ... There are more and more women in the base categories and the result is that more will arrive. It is not that we have more obstacles to get there, but that there are less. I believe that in the Endesa League, among the players, there is great respect for the referees. ”

Beka Burjanadze, power forward for Herbalife Gran Canaria: “I like Tanqueta better than Tractor”

“I don't know how many PCR we've done already, but I've lost count. I think the team has strengthened well, with new faces and an important block from last year. The chemistry of the team is very good, that is important. We want to improve last year's results, but little by little. A friend of mine, Fran, gave me the nickname Tractor, although they used to call me Tanqueta. I like Tanqueta better, but Tractor goes with the yellow one (laughs). Zaza Pachulia is my cousin and now he is working in the Warriors. And yes, it's true, my mother has been working in television for over 30 years. ”

Rafa Martínez, Baxi Manresa escort: "I never said I was retiring"

"They have retired me everywhere, but the protagonist is me and I have never said anything (laughs). It's true, there are players like Alocén who were born after my ACB debut. Now I have returned to Manresa and I am very happy to have returned home and also with Pedro Martínez as coach. This club is a great little one, because it has won a Cup and a League. We want to compete in as many matches as possible. Age? Everything hurts at night, but in the morning I wake up more or less well. ”

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