Tenerife recovers the pulse and beats Zaragoza in extra time

Those of Vidorreta prevailed (91-86) after their poor performance last week in the Super Cup. The signings Fitipaldo and Doornekamp led the Canaries.


Iberostar Tenerife began the competition in the Endesa League on Monday beating Casademont Zaragoza in a very intense, tough game in which those of Txus Vidorreta knew how to play with more head the key moments of a clash resolved in extra time (91-86 ). The game was decided after a five-minute extension, as Nico Brussino scored a triple basket to tie at 77 points with two seconds remaining to reach the end of the clash.

Iberostar Tenerife was the clear dominator of the clash, but it was not constant in its game and, if you are not constant against a rival like Casademont Zaragoza, you can have serious problems and that is what happened. The hands, also with many ups and downs in their game, did not lower their arms and, despite losing by fifteen points in the second quarter (35-20, min. 18), they managed to equalize the game in the third and reached the end with clear options of triumph.

The game began with the Tenerife people ruling. Fitipaldo's direction was being good and the triples were coming in. Despite everything, the Iberostar Tenerife defense lacked intensity and since they got it in the second quarter, the differences began to be important. A 9-0 run in the second quarter broke the equality that existed on the scoreboard and Iberostar, well led by Fitipaldo, was comfortable playing. It was a tough moment for Casademont Zaragoza who could not find his game, although he knew how to remain firm in defense and reach the break alive (39-29) .

Zaragoza played well in the third quarter. Little by little he was reducing the differences and took advantage of some bad local decisions to equalize the crash after a triple by Seeley (44-44). From there, a new game, and, although Iberostar Tenerife was still ahead, Zaragoza kept up well in the game with a very hard Hlinason under the basket.

The Tenerife team entered the last quarter much more focused than their rival and the result of this concentration and intensity led them to return to a favorable score, six minutes from the end (71-61). It seemed that the game was already underway, but San Miguel, first, and Hlinason and Barreiro, later, put Zaragoza fully in the game to reach the final moments even.

Nico Brussino, who had not done anything during the match, threw a triple with two seconds to go and led his team to extra time, five minutes where the Tenerifeans were better and showed their greatest experience. The next appointment of these two teams will be in Atena in the quarterfinals of the FIBA Champions League.

Iberostar Tenerife (17 + 22 + 21 + 17 + 14). Fitipaldo (23), Salin (2), Doornekamp (16), Cavanaugh (3), Shermadini (17) - starting five-, Bogris (-), López (-), Sulejmanovic (2), Guerra (-), Huertas (17) and Diez (11)

Casademont Zaragoza (12 + 17 + 25 + 23 + 9). San Miguel (11), Ennis (15), Benzing (6), Sulaimon (5), Thompson (2) - starting five-, Hinalson (14), Seeley (15), Barreiro (9), Brussino (7), Konaté (2) and Krejci (-).

Referees: Pérez Pérez, Caballero and Sánchez Mohedas. They indicated technique to Txus Vidorreta (min.24) and eliminated the visitors Thompson (min.34), Hinalson (min.40) and Ennis (min. 45).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the first day of the Endesa League, played at the Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, behind closed doors.

Photos from as.com
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