Tadej Pogacar is also the king of the Tour on Strava

The cyclist, one of the most active favorites on this social network, achieved the KOM in several of the most outstanding peaks of the 2020 Tour de France.


Tadej Pogacar, 2020 Tour de France champion, has also emerged as one of the great figures in the mountains during the gala round, as the young Slovenian cyclist has achieved the best ascent times or KOM in numerous climbs. during the race according to data from the social network Strava, where 68% of the cyclists in the peloton who ran the Tour have a profile in which their activities have risen.

The first KOM that Pogacar beat in this one was on the fourth stage on the way to Orcières-Merlette. On this climb, from 7.1 kilometers to 6.7%, the Slovenian has the best time alongside Romain Bardet with a record of 16:50 at an average of 26.4 km / h.

After losing time on the fans of the Lavaur day, Pogacar claimed responsibility in the Pyrenees. On the eighth stage on the way to Loudenvielle, the Slovenian set the KOM at Col de Peyresourde, 9.7 kilometers at 7.8% with a climb time of 24:29 at an average of 23.8 km / h. Pogacar was also active again in the ninth stage on the way to Laruns, where he achieved the KOM at Col de Marie Blanque, 7.7 kilometers at 8.6% with a time of 24:21 and an average speed of 22, 3 km / h. His accelerations caused the favorites to hunt down Marc Hirschi and play the stage in a reduced sprint where Pogacar was the fastest to score his first stage victory on the Tour.

Pogacar was also very active in the arrival of the peloton to the Massif Central in the thirteenth stage. The Slovenian achieved the KOM on the tough Col de Neronne, with 3.8 kilometers at 9.1% with a time of 10:58 to 21 km / h, tied in time with Sepp Kuss and Rigoberto Urán. On the final climb to Puy Mary, with 5.4 kilometers at 8.1%, Pogacar also took the KOM by completing the climb in 13:52 at an average of 23.6 km / h.

Pogacar also shone on the demanding day of the Jura, in the fifteenth stage of the Tour, where he added his second stage win on the fifteenth stage on top of the Grand Colombier, with 17.4 kilometers at 7.1%. However, Pogacar did not achieve the KOM in this ascent, which he completed in 46:32, four seconds more than those used by Sepp Kuss, the best time on the ascent with a record of 46:28 at 22.5 km / h.

On the harsh peaks of the Alps, on stage seventeenth, Pogacar also made his mark on Strava. At Col de la Madeleine, with its 17.1 kilometers at 8.4%, Pogacar achieved the third best time with 55:11, four seconds behind the KOM of Valentin Madouas (55:07) and one second behind Rigoberto Urán ( 55:10). The Slovenian did achieve the KOM at the end of the stage at Col de la Loze, from 21.5 kilometers to 7.8% which rose in 1:04:10 at an average of 20.8 km / h. It should be noted that Miguel Ángel López and Primoz Roglic, who finished ahead of Pogacar, do not have an account on Strava.

The Slovenian also held the pull on the climb to Plateau des Gilares, with its 6 kilometers at 11.2%, on the way to La-Roche-sur-Foron on the eighteenth stage. Pogacar achieved the KOM on the climb prior to the spectacular sterrato stage with a time of 21:13 at 17.1 km / h, one second faster than Richie Porte and Sepp Kuss.

That was the last thing Pogacar got on Strava during the Tour de France, since the Slovenian did not upload his activity to his Strava account after the La Planche des Belles Filles chrono, where he added his third partial victory and where he was proclaimed virtual winner of the Tour. However, according to the data collected by the Velofacts portal, Pogacar achieved the best time of the ascent, of 5.9 kilometers at 8.5%, with a time of 16:10 to 21.5 km / h. The time of Richie Porte does appear on Strava, which marked 16:30 at 20.8 km / h and was six seconds behind Romain Bardet's KOM with 16: 24.

The Strava social network was one of the tools that the peloton used the most during the Tour to share their performance data with fans. A fact that Strava CEO Michael Horvath wanted to highlight. "People keep people active and at Strava, our mission is to connect athletes with what motivates them, and help them perform at their best. Few things are as inspiring as Tadej Pogacar's spectacular victory on the Tour, Tadej , Primoz Roglic and Richie Porte embody the highest levels of effort in the sport and we take our hats off to them. We congratulate Tadej Pogacar on his historic victory and for being the first Tour winner to make his career a part of Strava. " said.

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