"With Suárez it seems that I am the bad guy of the film and it is not like that"

Koeman also spoke of Messi's reaction to the Uruguayan forward's departure: "It's normal that Messi is sad but training is exemplary."

Ronald Koeman, Barcelona's new coach, spoke at a press conference in the preview of the Villarreal game.

Can it benefit Villarreal having already played official matches?

It may be that if they have already played official matches, it is different. But we are well prepared. We have done a lot of work in the last three or four weeks and I think we are ready to come out strong tomorrow. We lack the rhythm of matches, but we have to have them

Are you satisfied with the template you have right now?The important thing is to talk about the players who are there, not about possible signings. There are two more weeks to try to improve the squad, also so that there are exits. But you have to focus on the players we have. We have trained well, we know how we want to play and we are prepared. The week will be tough, with three games.

Messi continues angry and disgusted. How do you convince a player who doesn't want to be here to re-engage?

It is normal for a player to be sad when a friend leaves. It is part of football. But the most important thing for me is how Leo has been in training. He has been an example in training and in games. And I have not said in any training this cannot be. He has shown in training on Friday and Saturday that he is recovered. I have no doubt about Messi in that sense.

Can the alternatives be Lautaro or Depay or are they discarded?

Nothing is ruled out, but I'm not talking about possible signings. I'm talking about the players who are.

How was the breakup of Luis Suárez, have the appropriate forms been?

I have to say, it seemed like I was the bad guy in the Suárez movie. And it is not like that. After my call with Luis, I have shown respect for the player and the person he is. He has trained to the maximum from day one and I told Luis that it would be difficult to play but that if he stayed, it would be one more. And so did the club. But it was a club decision. The club, before I was a coach, decided things. But it was not my decision only as a coach, also the club. It's trying to change the team. There are young people. Luis and I respect each other and have spoken clearly. In the end he went to Atlético, so all the luck in the world.

Could you confirm that you do not have Riqui Puig?

These are decisions made by the club. There are players with first team numbers and others with Barça B numbers. In the case of Riqui, there is competition in his position. It is not true that I do not have Riqui because tomorrow he is on the summoned list and all those summoned have options. It is not a matter of the number, it is a matter of whether or not it is.

Have you been coerced by so many open fronts at the club?

They have never had a quiet day at Barça. I knew that if we had to think about making changes, there would be people for and against. Being a coach in the most important club in the world generates expectations. There are people in favor, people against. I hope we have a little more peace of mind in our work.

Can Rici play B?

Riqui, like other young people, have to play games. If it cannot be with the first team, with B. Or in other teams. In the end, the decision is up to the player. If Riqui or Aleñá stay, they will have opportunities. It depends on the performance of the player. So it is with Riqui and other young people.

What role does Ansu play?

For me it is essential. Ansu is a great talent. And also with the club. There are few players who have shown the level of Barça. He has to learn things, but if he has made his debut in the National Team, he means something. Luis Enrique meets Ansu. He is a player of the future, but it is impressive that he already has a level to play in the first team.

Does Ansu have an advantage over Trincao or Dembélé?

You cannot speak of an advantage because we need all the forwards we have. We have quality people. We are going to face many games and no one can play every game. But it is true that we have the possibility of changing people upstairs.

What do you think that a candidate said that even if Barça win everything you will not continue?

Respect to all. It is not good to answer all my opinions. What I have to do is for my team to win games. I don't have to waste energy on this. And nothing more. We know that around the club there are opinions against the president, or in favor of the president, or against the coach. Sometimes it is difficult. You answer a lot of questions and very few of a game.

Coutinho is the most expensive signing in the history of Barça. What do you expect from him?

First, you have to put Philippe in his best position. You can play ten or inside left. His quality is close to the rival area. He likes to help the team in defense, but what you have to try to make it work. He has play, shot, passes into space. I like this footballer and I hope he succeeds this season.

Do you feel the same pressure as when you debuted in other teams?

We know that Spain, in many things, is different from the rest. There is more press, more interest. I know where I am where I work, in the most important club in the world. And there are always rumors. Being a coach is not being a player. If there are problems, talk.

Do you want to put your stamp?

The game is going to be different; the system, different. In names, we have to wait. Two weeks left. When there are no more possible signings, I will answer when we know what can be had. We are looking for players to improve the team. You have to understand that the financial situation of the club is very, very, very complicated. But I already knew that. If I stick with these players, we're going to work really hard.

How is Net?

The time that Ter Stegen has left I don't know. At least a couple of weeks. I am happy with Neto. He is a very good goalkeeper and we have two young goalkeepers who can learn. I am happy with the goalkeepers.

Do you prefer that no player reaches the top if he plays a lot?

Dembélé needs time, Ansu is young ... There are options, yes. And if it stays that way, you have to accept it.

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