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Check the television guide with today's schedules and sports schedule: soccer, basketball, tennis, motorcycle, F1 and other sports schedule.


The five highlights of the week with the decisive stages of the Tour, the first rounds of the Rome Masters, the games of the NFL, the Premier League and the NBA playoffs

Today is a day of rest for cyclists climbing the routes of the Tour de France. Tomorrow the 16th stage of a Tour that enters the last week of competition will start. Runners rush to score points and Teledeporte and Eurosport do not lose detail of everything that happens in the great cycling event.

RTVE has been committed to the Tour from the first stage. Carlos de Andrés and Perico Delgado are the main figures in the broadcasts of the Tour. The stages begin in Teledeporte and for the decisive kilometers, La 1 takes the baton. Every day they have a special guest expert in cycling. Furthermore, at RNE Dani Ampuero directs the Tour de France. Special end of stage, with comments from ex-cyclist Samu Sánchez. Eurosport is narrated by Javier Ares and Antonio Alix. In the comments is Alberto Contador as well as the experts Saúl Garrido and Luis Jiménez. On the website of the channel Eduardo Chozas directs the Tour de Chozas, with highlights during the races.

At you can also follow the last hour of the final stretch of this atypical Tour de France up to the minute.Masters of Rome

Start the Masters of Rome in Movistar +. Today from 11:00 you can follow the first round of the tournament live. The men's matches will be available, according to the schedule, on Movistar Deportes and #Vamos. The WTA will be broadcast through DAZN from the same time (11:00) .

The games of the NFL

American football is seen on Movistar +. The team of experts with Andrea Zanoni, Miguel Ángel Calleja, Rubén Ibeas, Moisés Molina and Javier López will count the outstanding games of the NFL this season. Today, at 01:10, turn for the Pitsburg Steelers-New York Giants, at Movistar Deportes.

Premier League

One more season, DAZN re-broadcasts all Premier League matches. Sheffield-Wolves will be broadcast today at 19:00. And from 21:15 it will be Brighton-Chelsea's turn. In addition, the DAZN catalog offers a wide offer to its subscribers with reports on the Premier.

The voices of the NBA

Guillermo Giménez leads the narration of the NBA playoffs in Movistar. Basketball coverage also features Antoni Daimiel's comments and analysis. This week's schedules are yet to be defined.

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