SER: Joan Laporta will run for the Barça presidency

Although it had almost decided, the program Què T'hi Jugues guaranteed it this Wednesday. Laporta and Víctor Font anticipate the 'official' candidacy.


According to the Què T'hi Jugues program of SER Catalunya, Joan Laporta, president of Barça between 2003 and 2010, will stand in the elections to be held next March. Although Laporta has already left signs along the way that allowed to guess that he would be a candidate in the 2021 elections, it is the SER who makes Laporta's wish official, which joins the already official candidates, Víctor Font, Lluís Fernández Alá and Jordi Farré .

Víctor Font, leader of the Sí al Futur platform, is the candidate who has worked the most on his candidacy, although for now Xavi is his only safe bet. The appearance of Laporta is an obstacle for Font, since the votes to punish 'barto-rosellismo' will be divided. The clamp between the two does not seem, to this day, possible. Laporta, according to the SER, has made progress in his work team in recent weeks.

At the moment, it remains to be seen who would be the official candidate, although Jordi Roche, for example, does not want that label. Roche has also been working for months in his work team but has not yet made his candidacy official and even recently the name of Joan Rosell, former president of the CEOE, has appeared as a possible 'official' name.

The announcement of Laporta's candidacy comes in the middle of the signature count to try to get a vote of no confidence against the Board chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu. It does not seem easy that the promoters of the motion are going to achieve their objective.

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