Rousselle and Brown proclaim humility before starting

"We are a small team that wants to fight with the big ones." The point guard, a captain who picks up the baton from directors like Salgado and Schreiner, is the coach on the track. The North American returns to the ACB where he was injured: Gran Canaria.


Rousselle breaks loose in Spanish and jokes with a very own wit. If they ask him if he thinks that Bilbao Basket is a good team, he starts: "What am I going to say? What not?" General laughing. And if someone asks a classmate if they miss Lammers, they make a "whoa!" Gesture. But it is humorous, since everyone knows that the pivot recruited by Alba de Aíto is irreplaceable, one of the architects of the successes of these two years. And he explains that he did not play the second part of the last friendly "because I'm starting to get old."

"After the incredible season last season, we have to be humble and aware that we are a small team that wants to fight the big ones." That's the mentality. We need to know who we are. Last year was incredible in terms of results, but this is a new season and we must be humble ", emphasizes the French base, who is already captain in Miribilla and after forming a management partner with Schreiner this year he will pilot the ship with Hakanson , back to the ACB.

The 'men in black' will start the competition on Saturday at the Herbalife Gran Canaria track, right where Brown broke a toe, the only one with Rigo who has remained since the 2019 promotion. It has been a tough seven months, with the confinement by means and the bubble of La Fonteta in which he was able to enjoy a few testimonial seconds as a prize awarded by Mumbrú. He assures that he is close to his best level, although this preseason he has been somewhat anxious. "It happens to return to pick up where we left off," he says hopefully.

The preparation matches have resulted in a victory against Movistar Estudiantes and five consecutive defeats, one very bulky against Zaragoza. The bad results should not raise doubts about a team that has always surpassed itself. "We always want to win games, but it is only preseason and the most important thing is not the results. We have six new players and we have to learn to play together. It is not easy to play perfect at the beginning, but we are on the right track. Alex (Mumbrú) he has many rules to learn, "explained Rousselle, who booked the last preseason gig in the second half, in Oviedo against Obradoiro to be fresh on Sunday.

Last year is a thing of the past, with participation in the Cup and the final phase in Valencia. And now they face the premiere in the Champions League. Rousselle admitted that they enjoyed a lot on the court, but stressed that "this is the past and you have to focus on the present." They are especially excited about stepping on the European competition, "it is a good opportunity to learn for many players who have never played in Europe" .

Brown equals Recker as the longest-lasting North Americans in Bilbao: three years. has parked the frustration of these months in the dry dock. But he has been doing well because he received the support of a city that has entered his heart. "I arrived at the age of 23 with the aim of helping Bilbao Basket regain the category and, after achieving it, what keeps me here is to continue improving with people who believe in this project," said Brown.

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