Rossi: "I have cursed having created the Academy VR46"

He regretted staying at the gates of the podium and joked with the creation of his school in which Morbidelli and Bagnaia have been forged, which did make the podium.


It hurt Valentino Rossi to stay just outside the podium in the home race. For him it was the chocolate medal after Mir passed him three corners from the end. Then he jokingly cursed having created the VR46 academy, which Morbidelli and Bagnaia have taken advantage of, among others, who were able to get on the podium as first and second in this entertaining San Marino GP.

-A job?

-Yes, a task.

-Is the loss of the podium more painful, because of how little there was missing and because he had shared it with his friends Morbidelli and Bagnaia?

-Yes. As soon as I finished I was happy, because with high adrenaline, I felt that the performance had been good and that makes me happy. The best thing is to be competitive and drive well, which has been achieved, but it really feels like a kick in the ass not to have been on the podium. Even without people, getting on the podium here is something unforgettable and sharing it with Pecco and Franco would have loved me, because it would have been a bit like at the Ranch, like a Saturday night at the Ranch. It would have been historic if the three of us finished on the podium, at the top of the premier category of motorcycling. But we must improve. If it had been a hair faster, I would have made it. We must work on our benefits to be stronger next week.

-Seeing how they are doing and how he cares about the pilots in his academy, don't you have the feeling that he is a bit of a coach and a player at the same time, like Zola and Vialli in his day? And, on the other hand, it is confirmed that there is relief in Italian motorcycling for when you and Dovizioso retire, right? 444 444

- (laughs). The mistake has been to start thinking about the future a little early, because I still have fun and I am competitive running, but I have brought the snakes at home. (Laughs) I have great satisfaction left, because it is something unique to have something like we do. Zola and Vialli did it in the Italian championship and we do it at the highest level of world motorcycling. To have finished all three here on the podium would have been something historic. I am very upset, because the only one missing was me, but on the other hand I am happy. During my career I have told myself several times that it is shit to have created this academy. (Laughs) I don't know if it was a great idea. On days like today, surely not, but seeing them in front is a satisfaction, because we work every day and not only me, but also Uccio, Albi, Carlo and so many people at VR46. We have done a good thing for Italian motorcycling. The bad thing is that they were fast too early, but in the next few years I will be able to see the races cheering on our drivers.

-He has lost the podium, but has cut points compared to the leader ...

-Yes. The championship is beginning to be really interesting. I have to go a little stronger to fight for the championship, but if I had finished second today I would be only ten or eleven points behind the head. We are all very close together and there is no clear favorite. They have all had problems. Quartararo started strong, but with the pressure of being at the top of the championship he has made mistakes. And now Dovizioso is ahead, in his most difficult year. He seems in difficulty with the Ducati and it is not known what he will do next year. He's in a strange situation and yet he's ahead. I am 18 points away and I must try to do my best and not fail, because this year anything can happen.

-How do you explain the difference in Maverick performance between training and the race?

-Here the factor that has made the difference has been the choice of the rear tire. He has opted for the hard and the rest of Yamaha have taken the medium. I have also doubted whether to take the hard one and up to ten minutes before riding them I had decided that I was going to go out with the hard one, but I have spoken with the team and we decided that the medium, which has done better in the race.

-How about running again with some audience in the stands?

-It has been very good to have some public in the stands again, and more here, at home. I have seen that almost everyone was wearing yellow and it is something very rewarding.

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