Rondo is reborn, honors his legend and overtakes the Lakers

Exhibition of the point guard, who redeems himself from criticism, makes a spectacular last quarter and overtakes the Lakers in the tie. Defense, key.


Had to appear. Rajon Rondo redeems himself and realizes that his reputation is here to stay, living up to the fame that his legend has forged. The point guard becomes decisive again in a playoff game as he did before in the Celtics, Bulls or Pelicans, brings out his best game and becomes the spiritual and moral leader of a team that entered the last quarter in tables and endorsed a 30-20 partial to the Rockets, with 23 of those points scored or assisted by the exceptional playmaker. His memorable performance has coincided with the best defensive version of the purple and gold, who, far from convincing, were letting themselves be dragged into the opponent's game parameters and did not hit the button. The good work of Rondo in the last period gave the Angelenos a sufficient advantage to be able to manage the last minutes comfortably and end up beating some Rockets who were long in the game and who are showing signs of fatigue. If the Texans win the series it will be because they have a mattress large enough to slow down the game and make possessions long, since going in tow they have a hard time getting back into the game and managing bodies punished by that first round in the one who sweated the fat drop to pass the Thunder.

The Lakers advance in the tie taking a key duel. Now they will have the lead, something important against some Rockets who have lost their first game of the season scoring more than 40% in triples (they were 16-0) and remain faithful to their style and with great defensive phases but who need to command the score so much individual of a match as the general of a tie. The Texans went three up to a break whose arrival was favorable to some Lakers who were further away in terms of sensations than in terms of points difference. Nothing worked for the Angelenos other than a LeBron who had 29 points at the time and only had to score seven more in the entire second half. 36 + 7 + 5 for El Rey (with 4 blocks), who has become, by the way, the player with the most wins in the history of the playoffs beating Derek Fisher. 161 added the former Lakers player, who in addition to his five rings played three Finals plus the last one against LeBron himself in 2012, with the Thunder. In third position is another retired, Tim Duncan, so James will have time to expand his resume in that regard without any immediate pursuer.

LeBron, who scored 47.5% of the Lakers' points in the first half, also added his 88th game in the playoffs with at least 30 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists ... the same as Jordan (51) and Kobe (37) combined. One more piece of information that only adds to a legend who has seen how there is a third man, Rondo in this case, who has joined his cause and that of Anthony Davis, who became the first Lakers player to join the minus 25 + 15 + 5 (made 26 + 15 + 6) from Pau Gasol. Another coincidence of fate that takes us to better times for the franchise, those in which they fought for rings that it has been slow to talk about again. Today they are on the lips of the people, but it seems imperative to win the Rockets to play against, apparently, the Clippers, the pass to the Finals in a duel that seems destined to take place as the season has passed.

While speculation, the Lakers continue to improve. Vogel only gave McGee six minutes and, for the second game in a row, did not take Howard out. Danny Green still does not make the released triples, but he is key in a defense in which Caruso has become essential and Rondo has given him to actively participate, as if he were the player who won the ring with the Celtics in 2008 and not the one who They have criticized left and right in recent seasons. The Lakers also had good minutes from Kuzma (14 goals), while in the Rockets, the dynamic duo took center stage: 33 + 9 + 9 from Harden and 30 + 8 + 6 from a Westbrook that has improved but continues with a journey through in front. The rest, time will tell; It will be necessary to see if Rondo maintains this spectacular level, if the Lakers defend as in the last quarter or as in the first, the situation of Davis and Covington (they had a strong involuntary clash in the last period) and the disposition of the Angelenos in the triple. Today, 10 of 30; The day they come in, it can be a show. All that and much more remains for us to discover in a series that is being exciting. All but one thing, the Rockets plan. That one, sure, sure, sure won't change. Just missing

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