Rea's Bite to the World Cup

Kawasaki's 'The Cannibal' rallied after failing the previous two races and prevailed in the last to increase his lead over Redding to 37 points.


Jonathan Rea was not going to allow himself to leave the Teruel Round without a victory in all three races, after failing to beat Rinaldi in the first and succumbing to Redding in the sprint race. And with those intentions he presented himself for race two, a race contested until the last meters in which neither Rea, nor Rinaldi nor Redding left anything. Neither did Bautista, who in full pursuit of the head trio went to the ground. The victory of the Northern Irishman brings him a little closer to his sixth title, since he arrived at the event with 10 points of advantage over the Welshman of Ducati and left for Barcelona with 37 mattress points.

Rea was better than Redding, while Álvaro Bautista stuck in fourth place to Rinaldi's wheel. As in the short race, Redding put the Panigale V4 on Rea at the first change, but the Northern Irishman was not scared by the power of the Ducati and welded himself to the wheel of the Welshman, ceasing to see him at every turn. Rinaldi and Bautista closely followed the evolutions of the first two, with an eye on Davies who threatened from fifth place.

Redding was not willing to leave anything as he warned, he knows that after his zero on Saturday the only way not to disengage from the World Cup is to avoid comfortable races from Rea. The rhythm of 45 was only held by Rea and Rinaldi, as Bautista in full pursuit fell to the ground at Turn 9 and said goodbye to the option of fighting for another podium after having to withdraw with a disgruntled gesture.

Just after the fall of the Talaverano, Rea, Rinaldi and Redding engaged in an all-out fight of passes, reviews and scares on top of the motorcycle, from which Rianldi emerged the victor, who opened a small gap. After the storm, there was a moment of calm, there were still 12 laps and a long way to go.

The battle and subsequent truce upset Redding who was unable to stick to Rinaldi and Rea's bikes. Nor did the Ducati independent fare any better, who began to suffer from grip problems after the demands he put on his tires in previous laps. Rea, with Redding sensibly off the hook, sniffed the blood, and prepared her bite. 'El Caníbal' was not willing to leave the second MotorLand weekend without winning a single race. And Rinaldi, who was already defending himself like a cat belly up, was the only obstacle that separated him from the victory in the second round of Teruel.

The power deficit of the Kawasaki was tried to solve by Rea with different lines, looking for a gap in the less usual places, putting pressure on Rinaldi. The Italian, with a victory and a podium in the short race, endured the pressure of seeing how the legend of the category could not find the way and that he even suffered the lashes of his Ninja in the effort. Not even the scare made Rea stop trying, at every turn and at every corner exit. And three from the end, the moment came: Rea passed Rinaldi inside, and the Italian's options vanished in each sector.

At the end, a great result for Rea that increases his advantage over Redding and an excellent weekend for Rinaldi, with a victory, a third and the second of Sunday's long race. Redding had to settle for third place and victory in the sprint race, but with more points behind Kawasaki's.

In the sprint race Scott Redding managed to pull the thorn out of the zero in the first race and won over Rea, unbeaten so far in the short races. The Ducati Welshman did not go out to compromise and on the first occasion he saw a gap he put the Panigale on the current champion, with whom he came to touch. The fight between the Northern Irishman and the contender favored the interests of Rinaldi, who won on Saturday, but was never a real threat to the two leading roosters.

Since Redding took first place, he imposed his pace and closed any loopholes on Rea's Kawasaki, which he surpassed by one second at the finish line.

Behind, Álvaro Bautista managed to reach fourth place after being forced to come back. At the start the Talaverano lost positions, but was finally able to get rid of Razgatlioglu and contain the attacks of Chaz Davies to secure fourth place.Locatelli continues with his ride in SSP

In the intermediate category of the contest Andrea Locatelli continues with his full of triumphs and his number of consecutive victories in this 2020 amounts to 9 after taking the second round of the Teruel Round. Jules Cluzel's fall also makes him face the World Cup, and he could already be champion in Montmeló. After the undisputed leader of the category, Lucas Mahias and Isaac Viñales finished, who achieved third place in the box after an exciting final lap against Philipp Oettl. Manu González finished eighth, Alejandro Ruiz, eleventh and maría herrera, 17th.

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