Rakitic: "I come to help the club take the next step"

The Croatian affirms that his best years are still ahead and aims to improve even last year's numbers.


Ivan Rakitic had his second debut as a sevillista on Thursday morning. Accompanied by President Castro and Monchi, the Croat submitted himself to questions from the Press.

Return: "It was quite easy to choose. You know how I feel towards Sevilla, towards the city and towards all the people. My priority was always Sevilla and as soon as there was the possibility for both parties, everything was very fast because we were very sincere. I feel a lot of pride and a lot of desire to dress in conditions to work in the fields ".

Lopetegui: "We have spoken by phone and in the next few days we will talk about more details. It was important to be able to chat for a while and in the next few days we will specify. But I come like everyone else, to work hard and do my best."

Objective: "I hope we can meet expectations, but we have to take the steps one by one. I come to help take the next step but we have to go with all humility. Our first game will be to fight for a title. Hopefully I can have a great season and help the club improve even last year's numbers. "

Moment: "In addition to achieving another title, Sevilla has earned a lot of respect this season for the way they play. I am going to send a message that I am going to give a lot of work, which is the first thing. If the numbers for the year can be improved I'm in the past, that's what I'm for. I've won titles but now I want my teammates to win them too. The next step is possible and that's what we're here for, to grow together. LaLiga is very difficult so we're going to prepare well. I have my best years for ahead and my illusion is tremendous. ".

Barcelona: "I am very grateful for the six incredible years that I have lived there. I wish you good luck in the next season and if possible, that you stay behind us. Messi? Surely we could make room for you here ...".

Game: "I hope that the next Rakitic will be much better than the one that left. I am a different Ivan, much more mature and with a lot of football still ahead."

Bayern: "With all due respect to Bayern, we know the strength they have but they also know the strength we have. We want to show them that we are a great team. Rematch? What I want is to win the Super Cup with Sevilla. If I play It will be my 150th game with the club, so it is a very nice day to do great things ".

Dorsal: "The first thing is to respect my teammates and the order of choice of the costumes. I would like to wear the 10 of Kings, the 11 is special for me in Sevilla ... It is the least, we will talk" .

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