RAC Virtual de Navarra: real and virtual pilots, face to face

The event, organized by the Navarra Federation, the RACVN Cup of Land Rallies and ACi e-Sports, will take place on September 26.


The Navarra Automobile Federation, hand in hand with the RACVN Cup of Gravel Rallies and ACi e-Sports, has presented the first virtual test of the Navarre Rally Championship: the first edition of the RAC Navarra Virtual Rally, which will take place next 26 September and that will gather real and virtual pilots around its simulators, who will measure their strength in this modality that is reaching such a boom and popularity and that, during confinement due to the coronavirus health crisis, has experienced a huge boom.

The event will consist of a training period, which will take place during the week prior to the final, which will be held on September 26. The virtual competition will take place through the Assetto Corsa simulator. In it, both real pilots with a valid license and virtual pilots can register. The final will be broadcast live through ACi's platforms on different social networks.

During the practice week, exclusively for real drivers, one week before the final, free practice servers will be opened so that the drivers can get in touch with the vehicle and its behavior. These training sessions will take place on a different stretch of land from the one on which the event will be held.

In the virtual drivers category, during the training week prior to the final day, there will be a qualifying session, necessary to select the drivers who will participate on September 26. As with the real drivers, it will be on a different stage than the day of the event. The final will be divided into two categories: real drivers and virtual drivers. It will have a duration of a single day and a fixed departure time for each pilot.

The vehicles that can be used during the event will be a virtual recreation of the following models: Ford Focus 1.6 Mk1 (RACVN Cup), Peugeot 208 R2, Ford Fiesta R5, Mitsubishi EVO X. You can find all the information related to the event in the website of the Navarra Automobile Federation.

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