Quartararo: "Only my team can tell me what to do"

The French rider frees himself from the pressure for the title: "They know how I work and nobody tells me I have to be the first. They tell me to do the best I can."


The double stop at Jerez left an absolute world leader Quartararo with two crushing victories. Yamaha looked happy with their young first star, followed by Viñales and with Márquez knocked out after his humerus injury. However, Brno and Austria turned the tables in a radical way. Iwata's brand disappeared from the top spots, while Ducati and Dovizioso returned on their fetish circuit. KTM achieved its first victory in Brno and Suzuki also beat the Japanese factory.

The last two races have raised many doubts in Quartararo and Viñales, who are no longer such candidates for the World Championship. The braking system and the clutch were the main problems for Yamaha in Austria, although the French rider points to something bigger: "We not only struggled with the brakes, but we also had problems in many other areas. Yamaha has a lot of work to do. do. Right now the situation is not easy. "

His double in Spain earned him the nickname 'Anti-Márquez' and many placed him as the great favorite for the title. After these two races, the forecasts are very different. "I learned from the past. It doesn't matter how many times people say that you have to win, that you have to be the first, that you have to win the title ... I know my goals and only I know our potential," said Quartararo.

The 21-year-old young rider, still the leader of the World Championship, added in this regard: "We discuss together as a team what we are capable of doing. And nobody but my team can tell me what to do. They know how I work and nobody tells me I have to. Be the first. They tell me to do the best I can. I like that kind of motivation. It's a very positive thing in our team. "

The next MotoGP stop will be at the Misano circuit, a track that should be more favorable to Yamaha and that should alleviate its problems until they are solved at the factory: "We will have fewer grip problems there, but other weak points on the bike They will not be eliminated yet. But I am convinced that together we will be stronger if Yamaha gives us a positive response. ”

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