Porter proves himself right to beat the Pasotas Clippers

The Nuggets rallied 16 points against Clippers who lost focus. Millsap woke up to hurt and Porter sentenced.


The Nuggets were and still trailed in the tie against the Clippers, but the trend has changed dramatically after Game 5 of the tie. A controlled match and two distance victories between the two teams, a series to put him in the loop and, from what it turned out, too confident for the heights we are at. The conference semifinals will continue in the West for at least one more day, as the Nuggets rallied by 16 points to beat the Clippers by a final score of 105-111 and make it 3-2 on aggregate.

The game came to the hair to measure the mental capacities of the Nuggets already physically tortured. Michael Porter, a player classified as a rookie by the League even if he is a second year, had complained in the previous meeting about how little Jokic and Murray passed the ball to him, one of those who has to revolutionize the games by coming off the bench . What was the player's response? Not scoring a point in 47 minutes, receiving the ball with 100-102 at 1:12 to go and hitting a trippy with 12 seconds still in possession to crown it with a block and a subsequent rebound in the other zone. The boy responded when he was granted the opportunity, it cannot be denied that he has arrests and he likes that responsibility. Changing the feelings of his teammates, of the rivals and who knows if also of these semifinals of the Western Conference that now look differently.

An 11-3 to open and a small backlash from the visitors left Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in command; the first doing everything and the second hitting the triples. A couple cons and the Clippers threatened to leave at last. It would not be there because of the good role played by two of the members of the bench, Monte Morris and Mason Plumlee, who held the meeting in a neutral place until the end of the first act. The Nuggets, however, were more stumbling than some Clippers who pulled individual talent if the combinations in attack did not work, on the Denver side it only seemed to be played with actions of defensive mismatch on the mark and forced pitches. And Beverley moved a few yards on defense and Leonard started doing a lot of damage. As much as they went to rest twelve away. But before the second quarter was over, the already recognizable Marcus Morris faced Paul Millsap, forcing him to quell a brawl that woke up the player and his entire team.

The second part ran its course. The difference reached 16. There seemed to be control, but what it translated into was relaxation. 'Doc' Rivers said at the end of the game that there had been a lack of discipline and you have to agree with him. They were so close to the target that they took their foot off the gas and passed them on the right. Millsap, with a dubious season behind him and many doubts within the Mike Malone scheme, began to cut, shoot and move with the intelligence he does have to sign 14 of his 17 final points in that third quarter in which the Nuggets revived. Those who finished the job to put Colorado ahead in the fourth period were the usual ones, Murray (26 + 8 + 7) and Jokic (22 + 14 + 5). With seven minutes remaining the Clippers had already failed.

George's efforts were being in vain and Leonard once again excelled to try and stop the blow. But they gave it to them and we will see if it hurts a lot or a little. Jokic ate Zubac and Harrell and gave the alternative to Porter to put the icing on the cake for this reactivation dressed as a party.

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