Porter Jr. points out to Malone: "You have to give the ball to someone other than Jokic and Murray."

The rookie forward played a great first half (15 points), but didn't score again: "In the second half the Clippers didn't do anything different, but the ball didn't reach me."


The Denver Nuggets are on the ropes. They lose 3-1 to the Los Angeles Clippers, although it can't be said to be a surprise. The Angelenos arrived as favorites to the tie and those of Colorado were already in a similar situation in the first round, when they managed to overcome a 3-1 to the Utah Jazz. Accustomed to playing seventh games (two last year, one this and one more that they will have to play if they want to stay alive) their coach, Mike Malone, doesn't even want to hear about that possibility: "You have to go little by little. what we have to do now is win a fifth game, not a seventh ".

To win the fifth (and the sixth and seventh) you will need the best version of your team and of all the players that make it up. And there is at least one member of the staff who finds it difficult to achieve that goal as things are being done right now. It's Michael Porter Jr., who after the match was critical of the game system. At a press conference, the forward, who made his debut this season in the NBA but has already proven to be a more than valid offensive weapon, spoke comfortably about what according to him is a poor distribution of ball possession: 444 444

"It's something that depends on the play and the hands the coaches want to put the ball in. We keep giving it to Jokic and Murray and they are two incredible players, but I think to beat the Clippers we need to get more players involved. than to move the ball a little better. We can't be predictable against that team. I think if I'm going to be on the court playing a lot of minutes I have to say so. I will probably talk to the coaches and tell them what I see on the court, just letting them know Let them see it, because they know what we are doing. We have to move the ball. We have a lot of players who can play and score, so we have to get more people involved. "

Anyone who has seen Nuggets games will know that in attack almost everything revolves around Jokic and Murray, who star in one of the best pick-and-rolls in the league. Statistics prove Porter Jr. right. The Nuggets' all-star pair combine to touch the ball 175.5 times per game this season. It's the second highest figure in the last five years, second only to ... Jokic and Murray last season. For Porter Jr., who was coming off a great game in the third game of the series (18 points in 23 minutes), things were going the same way last night when it came to rest. Then the forward already had 15 points with a 5/6 in shots. 24 minutes later, his points statistics were still anchored at 15. What had happened in the second half? Had the Clippers been toiling to defend him so he would stop scoring? Nothing could be further from the truth according to him: "I just haven't touched the ball. They haven't done anything differently" .

The data says that Porter Jr. touched the ball 25 times in the first half, the third of the team behind Jokic and Murray, while in the second he made contact with the ball less than half the time (12), being the seventh most involved of all the Nuggets players, and shooting only twice to the basket. We'll see how Malone takes this review.

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